If I Had a Million Dollars…

A wedding is certainly a worthy recipient for spending. The Clinton’s would agree. There has been a lot of buzz lately about this weekend’s biggest event – the Clinton- Mezvinsky wedding in Rhinebeck, NY. The multi-demoninational (Marc is Jewish – Chelsea is Christian) ceremony took place at the Astor Mansion with about 500+ guests in attendance. The guests were left in the dark about the exact location until the event arrived – told only to be within driving distance of NYC (according to ABC News that is).

Rumors stated that wedding cost $2-5 million dollars. Just for some perspective, at $2 million, the event cost 100x the national average of American weddings. I’m going to take a stab that the wedding actually cost on the lower end of the estimate, but either way you look at it’s freakin expensive. I was immediately interested in knowing where that money went. None of this is confirmed, but we’ll run with the rumor mill just for the fun of it.

Reception Space: up to $200,000

Catering: Rumored to be catered from three different restaurants – averaging $1500 a plate

Music: Jimmy Vali, $40,000 or so

Florist: Jeff Leatham from Paris (there was a brief TLC show about him about a year ago)

Wedding Dress: Vera Want $15000.

Mother of the bride dress: Oscar de la Renta

Planner: $175,000 (I can’t imagine making that much!)

Invites: Rumored anywhere from $35-50,000

Security: Rumored from $30,000-$200,000. Secret Service was obviously involved – and they also purchased the “no fly zone” above the event area

According to some of the news sources, residents in Rhinebeck who were directly affected by the Wedding (like the ones who lived on the shut down roads) were given wine baskets as appreciation gifts. I can only imagine the delicious wine in those gifts!

Official Details of the wedding are not being released, but I’m sure it was an amazing and wonderful event. Here are some images of what was released:

Source: Huffington Post and ABC News

In my opinion, Chelsea looked amazing. Hillary didn’t look too bad herself (check out pictures of the rehearsal dinner outfit – hello Hillary!).  While your at it… check out Jeff Leathem’s site if you wan’t to drool a bit – I know I do. Though I may never have a chance to work on a wedding even half this scale, it sure is nice to dream.


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