For the special ladies

I totally can’t take credit for this one – but one of my brides showed me the CUTEST website today. Obviously, it is quite common for couples to make a wedding website for themselves. It is easier on the guests to gather all of the necessary information: hotels, activities, registry, etc, but wedding websites even make it easier on the couple these days – with online RSVP’s and even online invitations.

This kind of site however – is a new one for me (am I behind the times? who knows). Sara, the bride I speak of, created a blog just for her wedding party. Not only does she showcase the lovely ladies with a brief description of how she knows the girls, but she has also provided a convenient location for them to acquire all of the information they need: i.e. attire, weekend schedule, event details. The best part – the password protected page that gives a sneak peak at her dress (sorry no looking!). Someone needs to show me that trick by the way. Anyway, enough babbling, click the pic and take a look for yourself.

Also, Sara has a great photography blog, which I have linked above. If you like photography as much as I do – which is obviously a lot – you should check it out. Her work is beautiful.


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