Movie Weddings

I am currently sitting and vegging on my couch watching a double feature of Father of the Bride – which is arguably one of THE BEST wedding movies of all time.

In some ways – movies like this make me laugh with how typical they are. Annie wears a big poofy white lacy dress. The Bridesmaids are wearing big poofy pink dresses. All of the floral decorations at the church at white roses and green vines. I tried to find some worthy pictures of it – but they’re hard to find.

How could you not love planner Franc anyway? I think one of my favorite lines from the movies (during the wedding at least) comes towards the end when George says “the guests were complimenting me on what a great party, how beautiful the house looked, they loved the flowers, but I still hadn’t kissed the bride.”

This always resonates with me because I think a lot of people underestimate not just how stressful the day is in general, but the strain it puts on the family.  I also think it’s interesting because in this movie Annie lived with her parents until the day of the wedding, they show her packing up her room after the rehearsal.  These days that type of ‘finality’ doesn’t occur quite so often as cohabitation is a lot more popular, but I an only imagine the added stress having a daughter move out would put on the family in general.

I’m being a little too analytical right now for a lazy sunday afternoon, so I’m going to go enjoy the baby drama of Father of the Bride II. Let’s be honest – I just want to be Franc.


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