Paint the town Red

If you have picked up any magazine recently you may have noticed that the new color of the season is Red. Bright Crimson Red. (Jewel tones, with a bit of a brighter twist, also seem to be popping up everywhere.) I always find it interesting how design trends follow fashion and colors on the runway creep into interior design, graphic design, and obviously event design.

This is not the best quality image – but the below picture is from one of my favorite books of the moment, the Visual Miscellaneum, made up completely of info-graphics. This particular one is showing the Pantone colors of the season for the past few years.

So Fun!

Anyway, Pantone is the design color mecca, but if you look at the Spring 2010 (the last portion of the rainbow) there are more than a few colors that were popular in the wedding world. Since Red is such a striking color I am very interested to see how it appears this coming season. I personally picture it as more of an accent, but it can definitely play center stage in the right setting.

I tried to find some good photos, but it’s late and i’m tired so…here are some of the combinations that I’ve seen a lot lately:

Red and tan or camel (think: gold hued bridesmaids dresses with red Gerbera bouquets? love). The good thing about this combo is that the tan color tone can mellow out a bright red very easily.

Red and teal (a very vibrant version of teal was also a fairly popular color last season as well – toned down a bit it would be a nice classic combination). This screams a fun party to me.

Red and purple (again purple was a HUGE color for the spring season, so this would be an awesome way to use it as an accent and phase it out. Cranberry and plum anyone? Sidenote: we will be bringing in a touch of red to pair with the dark plum in an upcoming event I’m doing; glad to know it won’t be outdated šŸ™‚ ha)

The good thing about having a bright color pop like red is that it really goes with any thing. Red and black is very classic (Audrey Hepburn – black dress, red lips), I think you could even get away with a darker red mixed with a pink hue of sorts…

hmm…something to consider. Anyway, colors make me happy, and the turn of the season is always exciting for me – waiting to see what’s next on the horizon! Not to mention – I am obsessed with all things Pantone!


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