The lightbulb looks good on you…

It is a week of big things!!! For starters, I was offered in a new job in the industry of my dreams (more on that in a minute), I quit my current job after only 6 months of employment (eek), and I finally had an epiphany and decided on the name of my company. YAY!

Obviously, I’m in to weddings and planning them and all things related. Getting into the event industry is VERY difficult, which is why starting my own business is a lengthy journey. In the meantime I found myself a nice steady income at a job I could stand while I waited for the opportune time to begin searching for positions in the far reaches of the event industry.

Well – I didn’t have to wait as long as I thought. A job opening literally fell in my lap and in just 3 weeks -that’s right 3 – I will begin working for one of the top floral and event design companies in Miami – Parrish designs. While their work focuses on florals my new boss has encouraged me to continue doing my planning on the side. I am very excited about both endeavors. I will be one of three full time employees so my exposure to the events and business operations will be great. I hope it will prove to be a fantastic learning experience for me!

Ironically enough, as I was celebrating my new change (to think one year ago this time I was still waiting tables. ug), and dreading my resignation, I also had an epiphany. A lightbulb came on as I was driving home from work one evening and the name for my planning company just hit me. I will keep it a secret for now because I want to play around with some logos and what not before I present it to the world – but I’m pretty freakin stoked about it.

And – on top of all of that – I got confirmation from the professional photographer who did the wedding way back in July (yea that one that I’m sure you thought I forgot about) and the photos are on their way! Note to self – take my own photos at events to hold off my anticipation while I wait for professionals.

Needless to say it has been an interesting and busy week. Obviously I have had a lot on my mind – thus my absence from the blog, but I’m back and kickin so i’m going to try to be as active as possible from here on out. With that said – if you are a regular reader – pass it on, I would like to get some more followers


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