Killing Two Birds With One Stone

This past weekend I had the opportunity to cross two things off of my “list of things to do in Miami before I leave (whenever that is)” list.

The first was to FINALLY attend Miami Spice. I have been dying to go since I moved down here (5 years) and practically begging Dan to go since we got together. For those of you not in the Miami area, Miami Spice is pretty much the equivalent of Restaurant Week in NY. For a short period of time (usually August – September) a very lengthy list of some of the best (read EXPENSIVE) restaurants in the area offer a “spice” menu. Essentially, for $22 lunch or $35 dinner, they offer the customer a three course meal which they can select from a short list of options. For someone like myself, this is a fantastic way to have the opportunity to eat at restaurants that I would never be able to afford otherwise.

Sunday, the fella and I, accompanied by one of our “date night” couples, went to Gibraltar, a fine dining restaurant on Grove Isle, the private island in Coconut Grove. The restaurant has 3 glass walls with a beautiful view of Downtown/Key Biscayne/South Beach.


It. was. amazing. There are really no other words for it. We had a very late dinner so it was pretty quiet, with only a few other tables in the restaurant. The food was awesome. I had a delicious pear and walnut salad for an appetizer, a steak and potato entree that was so tender it literally melted in my mouth, and the yummiest personal sized key lime pie I have had in quite some time. Unfortunately, being the upscale restaurant that it was I didn’t feel quite comfortable taking photos of said food, but take my word for it – it looks superb. I would certainly go back in a heartbeat.

Gibraltar actually brings me to checkmark number 2:

Visit Grove Isle. So slight backstory – Grove Isle as I mentioned, is a private island situated in the bay with awesome views. It also happens to be one of the more notable wedding locations in the area (and top location for me personally, but that’s besides the point:-)) Last fall a few ladies I knew from my certification and I had planned to meet with the on-site event coordinator and tour the facilities for vendor references. Unfortunately, weather and schedules prohibited the trip so I have been chomping at the bit to get on site ever since. Grove Isle has a large hotel (of the same name) on the island which is where most of the events are located. Not only do they offer the typical hotel ballroom events, but since it is situated on the bay they have BEAUTIFUL outdoor spaces, including open air patios and pavilions. I fell in love just from the website:

As per usual, the weather was less than stellar (again – it’s my curse) so I was not able to wander through the grounds and satiate my venue appetite. I did poke my head into some ballrooms and see the main building, and everything I was able to view was stunning. Hopefully, I will get to return some time in the very near future and view Grove Isle in the daytime, with a camera, so I can share my findings. In the meantime – I will have to continue to drool and daydream.

I have a few more list checkmarks up my sleeves for the upcoming weeks so we’ll see if I can scratch any of those, stay tuned!

* All photos from the Grove Isle website


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