A Little Bit of Whimsy, A Little Bit of Fun

Truth: I am obsessed with puzzles! Especially crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. (There’s even a book of crosswords in my bathroom. Yes I said it.) I would take a gander that with the rampant spread of “Words with Friends” iPhone app most of America is probably obsessed with puzzles as well (of the Scrabble variety).

So – with all this puzzle love, why not add some to your wedding. That’s right – a wedding. Confused – take in some of these lovelies:

“Random tiles?” you say to yourself… wait there’s more…

The RSVP card also splits into jigsaw pieces – one you return with your RSVP, and one you keep so you know all the important information. LOVE!!

And there’s more from this fun wedding.. jigsaw puzzle seating cards

Each guest has their own piece – directing them to their seating location.

Together, the pieces at the table form a funky picture of the couple (I’ve also seen them form the menus, or a story about the couple – the engagement for instance).

But wait, these fun puzzle pieces also serve one more function…

The puzzle photos are then matted and signed by guests to make a wonderful art piece for their home. Who needs a guestbook when you have this?!

Not a jigsaw fan? How about some scrabble:

Table letters and place cards. Simple – but still a statement.

Obviously – I love this. It’s such a unique way to showcase some personality. Now that I have sufficiently given away one of my personal wedding must haves (note to all those whose weddings I might attend – you’ve been warned 😉 ha) Anyone else ever seen quirky little details such as this?

*all jigsaw puzzle pics courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs. Scrabble from Project Wedding


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