Even though I have modern tastes in design and things, when it comes to etiquette I am strangely very traditional. This is especially the case when it comes to weddings, parties, invitations, and things of that nature.

According to wedding etiquette a newly engaged couple is “supposed” to tell their family the news before anyone else is informed. Given our technological world, this isn’t always the case. The news goes up on Facebook and often times the phone is out before the bride to be can even say yes.

That advance in technology can actually be a benefit though. Think email notification, AIM (for those that still use it that is), etc.

So thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings (the mecca of all things decor,parties,home and food ANYTHING), I was turned on to this site called pingg. Pingg specializes in e-invites and announcements that look just like real cards.

This provides a great outlet to let family and immediate friends know first before the news is spread. They have a great selection, and why wouldn’t you send something out when they are this cute:

Pingg has multiple designers contributing to the site. The options range from very graphic and contemporary, to photographic, to extremely wedding reference heavy, symbolic or cutesy. Not only is there something to please every personality, but they are completely customizable too!

I think this is so great – and if it were me – it could even tempt me to skip facebook altogether! I’m sure there are other sites just like this out there, but if this one has Martha’s vote they’ve gotta be good!


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