Opportunity of a lifetime

Today I was about 2 seconds away from dying (figuratively)…I almost got to meet David Tutera.

hello lovely

I not only love him, I want to be him. But let’s be honest – what would I have done when I was face to face with my gay husband. Especially dressed the way I was.

I got to go to a work event today totally last minute. I was just sitting there, making phone calls and ordering flowers when my boss remembered that she had this industry luncheon thing that she really didn’t want to go to. I quote “if I take you then I have a good excuse to leave early because nobody is at our office.” When I asked what it was she just said “oh its a follow-up lunch for an event for all the big industry people – you know (named a few companies) David Tutera, Sylvia Weinstock, Pablo, Jackie O” so casually. I literally spit out my sweet tea. The first thing that came out of my mouth? “I’m not dressed appropriately for David Tutera!” (how pathetic! I was in skinny jeans, cute loafers, a basic tee and a zebra scarf btw – not terrible but not the first impression I wanted to make).

Anyway, we showed up late – and it was technically a sit down meal – and I wasn’t technically invited – but there were 2 no shows so it turned out fine. David Tutera was one of those no shows (I have to use his full name because it just sounds that much cooler haha). BUMMER! I got to enjoy some wicked good food though, and meet some great people, and I got to see some GORGEOUS table settings (if only I could hope to be able to afford them one day), so all in all it was a decent 2 hours away from the office.

I’ll just have to keep dreaming of the day I can meet David Tutera himself.


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