DIY Tags

I feel like weddings are becoming more and more about DIY. Maybe it’s because of the economy and the low budgets, but I’m not necessarily complaining (well except for the fact that this means not so many people using planners currently. gr). Anyway, one of my good friends pointed these fun tags out to me today and I am quite keen on them as well!

I’ve always had a weird attraction to skull adorned items, but these are cute. In mini version they would make great wine glass tags for events (maybe a different symbol, but showers, rehearsal dinners etc – thanks court for the idea!). The possibilities of design are endless, and they look uber simple to make. (These come by way of  “Miss Teacher Lady” on flickr).

This individual also advertises other tags and coasters!

I think these could also work wonderfully as escort cards or place cards, tied around a napkin perhaps? Gift tags for the OOT (out of town) welcome bags, bridal party gifts, even thank you favors maybe? Again – the possibilities are endless. It looks like all you need are some ribbon, card stock and stamp ink.

Speaking of DIY – I’ve had a hankering for a while to try out some of the paper/fabric flowers that I am seeing ALLL OVER THE WEB! I think i’m going to bite the bullet and try it out sometime soon. I’ll keep you posted. No pun intended.


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