Petal Cones…You are the bane of my existence…

If I ever get married and some one in my close circle hears me say I want petal cones at my wedding…slap me. Real hard so it leaves a mark.

What are petal cones you ask? Exhibit A:


Now don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful, and they hold a special place in the wedding world. The after effect can often times be quite exquisite. Exhibit b:


However, even my art brain couldn’t handle this project. One of our clients at work decided she wanted these in her wedding (which is tomorrow BTW, and she originally ordered 100, thank god she cut that down!). I thought to myself – oh craft paper and ribbon, sounds easy enough.

If ever you should be doing this project, do not, I repeat, do not wait till the day before! Basically, you use an 8×10″ piece of paper, roll it into a cone, staple, tie with ribbon and repeat. I thought I could easily knock out a couple dozen of these in 30 minutes – hour tops. These little cones are decieving to the eye! They are soooo much harder than expected. Every time I thought I got into the groove and had finally gotten the technique down pat, I pretty much failed on the next one and had to teach myself all over again how to do it. I think i finally got it down on cone number 52. 52 out of 60. About halfway through I decided there had to be an easier way to do this and googled instructions. Apparently there is a template to use but I just didn’t have that kind of patience at this moment. All’s well that ends well though, and they looked pretty good. Here is a finished cone:

and the whole box of cones I created ready for tomorrow:

I think this is definitely one of those situations where you forget the pain until you relive it. Like a tattoo. So when I finally do remember how frustrating they are to make, lets just hope it’s months before I actually need them, not 24 hrs!


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