Military Men

In honor of Veterans day Southern Weddings (one of my favorites) posted a proposal story from a military couple that was just the cutest thing ever. Think a dozen men in dress uniform accompanied with a dozen roses and a Washington D.C. scavenger hunt.

Basically the fiance surprised his gf by having one of his military friends deliver a single red rose (in dress uniform of course) to her at their house. This rose then led her to the next rose/military man where she had to complete a task to find the third, so on and so forth until she reached a dozen and her soon to be fiance. You can read the whole story on the link above. To top it all off he had a photographer friend follow her around to catch the whole thing on film! All photos below courtesy of Michelle Cross via Southern Weddings.

Personally I think the physical test were a little much, but the relationship trivia and puzzles are so cute! I also thought this was such a great way to highlight the city their relationship is based in. Swoon.


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