Bring on the Music

I will admit, I am one of those individuals who starts playing Christmas music the minute Halloween is over. Tis the Season after all. And by season I mean holiday season, but Thanksgiving is anything but my cup of tea, so I prefer to skip right over it to Christmas. Just pretend it never happened, most people end up sleeping through it or drinking through it anyway so why not?

Anyway, besides the lovely Christmas music and decorations my favorite thing about the holiday is the gifts. Obviously, we all love getting gifts (free shit you can’t afford to buy for yourself HELLO!!!), but honestly I love to give gifts. The perfect gift. I start early with my planning/shopping so that I can be sure that everyone will legitimately love the present I am getting them and that it matches their personality/hobbies/lifestyle/living arrangements/current operational needs/etc perfectly. I know this is a big task and I’m probably setting myself up for  failure but whatever, bring it on. When I finally have the “aha” moment, pass the display when I least expect it, or flip to the catalog item that just jumps off the page it’s like a chorus of chill/punk guitarist just sing to me pleasant harmony celebrating my perfect find. I know. Weird.


This need to please also applies to birthdays/showers/anniversaries/random “thinking of you” moments/and of course weddings. I love registries, because its basically a giant lifelong wish list (everything you ever wanted but never bought for yourself because of X), but I also love my usual prep early and buy the perfect present method even if it means no registry.

My madness does make window shopping a lot more pleasant though! Anway, I really wanted to have a point to this post, but alas I got distracted so I suppose I don’t have one other than any excuse is a good excuse to shop, especially for other people (it means no post spending guilt trip). Or something like that.


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