Simplicity at its best

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work a wedding at the Ocean Reef Club, a resort community in Key Largo. I was expecting a little hotel, maybe some extra restuarants and event spaces right on the beach. What I actually found was a very large “city” of sorts. Ocean Reef is a private resort with it’s own church, supermarket, golf course, residential community, hotel, private beaches, vacation rentals, and some of the cutest pimped out golf carts I’ve ever seen (vintage cars or classic cadillac carts anyone?).

My company does a lot of events down there, almost every weekend to be exact, ranging from small and simple to grand and uber expensive. This particular event was of the former and I absolutely loved it!! Their website offers a decent look at the property in general. We set up the ceremony right on the beach.

It’s hard to see in the picture but there is a pale green aisle runner in the sand as well. The reception was also on the water:

It was a pretty smal event (about 90 ish people) so there were only a few tables, circled around a gazebo which acted as the dance floor. Cloose up of the tables:

We also decorated the gazebo columns with fabric and flowers and hung lanterns from the ceiling:

As I mentioned, this wedding was really simple and I liked the style the couple chose. They had a string ensemble with the wedding, and a steel drum band with the cocktail hour which I absolutely loved!!!! For the reception they had a latin/island band play and simple food stations set up. Here is a picture of the sushi/ice station for their cocktail hour that they had the resort do:

It was a beautiful event. The weather was perfect! (thankgod because the entire event was outside) The bride seemed super chill when we met her earlier in the day delivering her flowers. She wore a sparkly short dress, which was very cute and age appropriate (she as a bit older of a bride), and the groom and best man (there was only 1 attendant on each side) wore khakis, boat shoes, and sports jackets.

All in all the wedding was very fitting for the locale and one of my favorite events to work as of yet. And I loved the steel drum band. 🙂


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