The cooky kind of fun

I know I source Style Me Pretty basically ALL the time, and I swear I will one day show you something else (ha), but this I just could not pass up!!!!!! I love quirky people. I love quirky passions. I love quirky weddings. The following event is the golden trifecta! Ben and Amanda got married on a lake in Michigan in July. It’s splendid. Check this out:

You’re probably thinking, Leah this isn’t quirky. It’s a summer wedding. There are mason jars. White flowers and wooden signs. This is pretty standard. Just you wait….

Um HI!!!!!! Did you see the wakeboarding couple?!?! I LOVE IT!! Style me pretty also links to a fantastic video of their wedding done by Epic Motion. It has some great clips of the couple on the skis with their entire bridal party in the tow boat.  If I was a skilled and seasoned blogger (I’m getting there), I would embed it into my post, but hey I’m working on it. Check it out yourself here: Amanda and Ben. Do It.


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