Color of the Year

First off, let me blanket statement an apology for being MIA for well, almost a month pretty much. I’ve been a bit tied up with work, holidays and vacation. YAY! (more on that later) But alas, I am back and preparing for the new year. 2011 will be a year of big plans for me – though I will not be making resolutions because I hate those. I read a study the other day that said of the people who make new years resolutions 14% of them are more likely to fulfill their goals for the year vs. 3% of those who don’t make resolutions who fulfill their goals. Interesting right? I digress…

It’s pretty typical for weddings/social events/fashion or really anything to follow the trends of the year. We always have those lovely reminders of grandma’s wedding bonnet and our parents poofy dress sleeves to remind us of the trend of the decade. The design world is no different. Every year Pantone, aka color mecca, comes out with a color of the year. Some past ones include:


The mimosa shade of yellow was pretty common in the wedding world last spring in the grey/yellow combination (still makes me swoon every time I see it). Tourquise was poppping up everywhere right around summer time, so I’m sure you’ve seen them both. I’m a little behind on the post but 2011 has just recently been announced. Drumroll…

Honeysuckle! Of the pink variety that is. You can read all about the announcement here courtesy of none other than Pantone (I really do talk about them alot don’t I? Maybe I should find a new obsession ha). I could not be more excited. This fuscia/cranberry/pink esque color is one of my favorites. It’s a color to “lift the spirits.” Who doesn’t want that on their big day?

Now, depending on where you look the shade variety might vary but I like it all the same. Color combos are immediately popping into my head. Honeysuckle with grey, or yellow, or navy. Like so: (please excuse my paint skills, I’m on a pc 😦 ug. )

In a bit m0re elegant of a manner it could work. so I put together an inspiration board (very roughly and on paint again – excuse the slop):

You get my drift. It’s a color scheme that could be dressed up or dressed own. Quite frankly – I’m excited to see what become of honeysuckle in the 2011 wedding world!


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