A Lesson In Patience

Maybe it’s come from my work history, or from my experiences in college, or perhaps from the 20+ roommates I’ve lived with (yes you read that correctly, over twenty), but somewhere along the line I have become quite a calm and composed individual – for the most part. Don’t ask me how it happened. Growing up, I had a short, fairly violent temper. I remember more than a few instances in elementary/middle/high school where friends or family of mine referred to me bluntly as a bitch. I’ll admit – I could be at times.  Now, I like to think I’ve grown past that. Thank god too because the wedding world certainly has enough of that going around.

The joke around our office is that the onslaught of “reality wedding TV” has created the era of the Bridezilla


Suddenly, it’s like clients think this is how they are supposed to act. You’re not a real bride if you’re not throwing a temper tantrum or demanding everything at your beck and call. I am very new to the wedding industry, but in my short time working in the field I like to think I’ve gained a lot of experience. What to do when your entire reception is infested with bugs mere hours before guests arrive? Call an exterminator, hope for the best, and for the love of God steer the groom clear of the tables!! The bride and groom tell you as they are walking into the reception that they didn’t pick any first dance music? Grab a nearby iPod and run with what you got!! Forgot the marriage license at home? Send a search party to tear that place apart!! Guest passes out from heat in the middle of dinner? Call an ambulance and start passing the shots!! Anyway, you get the picture…make the best of the situation and do what you can to make everyone happy. Generally, this is a fail proof plan for me. I have been complimented by many vendors on my demeanor during events, and most recently I have gained a few referral partnerships on this fact alone. Yet, every now and then there is that client that makes you want to pull your hair out – the previously mentioned “zilla.”


Maybe not that dramatic but you get the picture. With my position at the company, unfortunately I am the first point of contact which means I am the first person that gets yelled at – whether its by the priest (yea that happened last week), or the mother of the bride, or the couple themselves. What I have learned however, is that some people are impossible to please. No matter what you do, how fantastic of a job or how much effort you put into it, they will still try to find something that went wrong. They will also find a way to avoid saying thank you. And you just have to take it. Smile, apologize, whatever it is, you just have to take it. This is most certainly the greatest lesson in patience I have had in my life. Yea, sometimes it makes you want to cry, and sometimes it may be appropriate to yell back and stand up for yourself, but at the end of the day you aren’t going to be able to make them happy and that nasty review is still going to hit every message board and blog review you could find, you just have to go with it. Best case scenario, you can shake it off with a couple happy hour drinks at the end of the day! (and if you’re lucky enough karma will hit them hard!)

Breath deep and let go of things. This is my mantra.


One thought on “A Lesson In Patience

  1. A Hard lesson to learn and you learned to make the best of it all at such a young age. Now that’s impressive. I see a great future ahead of you.

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