Sad to see you go

It’s a sad day in the wedding world, well at least in my wedding world. News hit this morning that after 65 years of operation the popular bridal salon Priscilla of Boston will be shutting down their doors. (feel free to read more about it here, here, or on their site) Priscilla of Boston, along with owning numerous sister companies (Melissa Sweet, Vineyard among them) is also part of the David’s Bridal franchise. According to multiple reports, the company is re focusing their efforts on David’s Bridal.

I am and always have been a huge fan of the Priscilla of Boston style. Not that I would be walking towards the aisle anytime in the near future, but if I were hypothetically getting married tomorrow, a Priscilla gown would probably be a hot contender. I will certainly miss seeing their beautiful storefront on the Mile as well. Just for nostalgia sake before they are lost and gone forever, here’s a quick browse of some of my PoB favorites (all images from their site):


So needless to say, it is a sad day indeed and an end of an era. Priscilla you will be missed. At least we can hopefully expect some wicked sample sales out of this?


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