The Sweetest Surprise

I love a good (romantic) engagement story, but I love it even more when it involves people I know and care about.  So here’s some back story:

Alex is one of my closest friends from my hometown and we go (WAY!)  back to our dorky middle school days. The origin of our meeting is still a little hazy, surrounded by a bit of discrepancy (ha), but either way I’ve known him a long time. After high school he moved up to Boston for college. I still argue he should have gone to the U – my alma mater – but if he had done what he should have he originally planned -this post wouldn’t exist! Anyway, I digress. While at school in Boston, Alex met his beautiful beauty queen girlfriend Amanda (this is no exaggeration – she really was Miss. Massachusetts!). Forgive me for not knowing the exact details but they have been together for many many years.

Being in the wedding business I seem to be privy to a lot of details from my friends as well as a source of advice. I’ll take what I can get. This led to Alex letting me know that he was planning on asking Amanda to marry him sometime in the near future. He told me he had already spoken to her family (props for the traditionalism) and was on the hunt for the perfect diamond. If anyone knows Alex, they know he is quite the perfectionist, so this hunt took some time as just any old diamond wouldn’t do. Needless to say, I anxiously awaited the day I would hear “she said yes” and regularly checked in asking “so did you find it yet? When are you going to do it.” Finally, the day came! I couldn’t wait to find out how Alex ended up popping the question and boy was it a doozy!

While Amanda was visiting family in Florida, Alex had planned a vacation to New York (or so she thought). Really, Alex flew to Florida to surprise Amanda during a beach photo shoot with her mother. According to Alex, Amanda was so surprised she kept asking if it was “really happening.” The best part about this trickery and surprise is that all of it was captured on film because of the photo shoot set up. The photograper, Mark Dickinson, explains how it all went down on his blog site. Directly following the surprise, Alex and Amanda were able to shoot a mini engagement session (also on Mark’s blog). The photos turned out absolutely amazing! Alex- who knew you could be so photogenic (ha!)

Anyway…now the surprise in photo nutshell (all images pulled from Mark’s blog linked above).

Alex sneaking up from behind the dunes.

The photography is absolutely beautiful and so is the couple! (The black and white is my favorite!!) I am so happy for Alex and Amanda. Congratulations!! I love when such wonderful events happen to people around me!


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