As is apparently becoming my way of life, I am a terrible blogger. I have had a handful of drafted posts prepped and ready to go for weeks now but I have yet to click “publish.” Oops. Despite all of this and the massive amount of guilt I feel (I really do feel like a terrible contribution to the wedding industry lol) I was overly surprised to log on to my blog dashboard today and see how much traffic I have gotten recently. 

Even with nothing new to report there are still a LOT of people visiting my site every day. This is amazing. All I can say is THANK YOU! It gives me a new spark of determination and inspiration! To keep all of you coming back for more, I do have a lot on the table for you.

This weekend I will be doing a wedding at the beautiful Coral Gables Country Club with one of the sweetest couple’s I’ve ever worked with – so teasers will be coming!

Also, I am working on a complete site overhaul so look out for that as well.

In the meantime, I leave you with this little reception tip:

If you can’t decide on a signature drink – pick two!


image source: Martha stewart weddings

Offer a bride and a groom cocktail recommendation for your guests and let them decide. I will be doing this at the wedding this weekend with a refreshing summer twist: strawberry margarita and raspberry champagne spritz. Yum!


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