Hello World. I exist.

So hey, remember that time two years ago when I wrote a blog post? Me either, its been a while. So long in fact that I even let my personalized web address expire. Oops! I’m even surprised to still see I have site visitors. Right, about that…
I have come to an epiphany and realized that I need to refocus my energy on this blog and shift directions a bit. Lately I have been feeling in somewhat of a funk and I think it’s because I have let most of my hobbies and joyful activities slip by the wayside. I haven’t been photographing, I haven’t been sharing events that inspire me, I had stopped reading (thankfully I can cross that off the list), the list goes on.
Obviously, weddings are what I do. I do this job day in and day out and I love it. But sometimes, thinking and breathing weddings 9-5, M-F leaves me feeling lackluster and overwhelmed. I’ve decided that this blog, byLeahMichelle, will be more of a creative space. It will be my outlet to inspire myself and keep myself motivated to work on side projects and things I enjoy.
I am still going to share those beautiful events that I do day in and day out. I am still going to share inspiring weddings I find across the internet. I’m still going to have a focus on my work, but I’m going to start peppering in some of my photography, some of my inspirations (no matter what they may be) and will also share a bit of whats going on in my life. Ultimately, I am no longer focusing on writing this for my clients and for the industry, but rather, for me.
I may lose some readers, I may gain some, but I’m not going to think about that. I’m going to start slow and see how this goes. I’m setting a goal for myself and thats what matters.


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