All About Me

I am a Certified Wedding Planner in the South Florida area and a self-proclaimed “Creative.” I absolutely love weddings and all things design and try to influence every event I do with a personal touch and unexpected element. I work closely with clients to make sure every detail is executed to their dreams, handling everything from planning, to design, to execution.

My background is in print photography and graphic design with a touch of clinical psychology and it has helped mold me into a design enthusiast. I follow more blogs than I can keep up with and never seem to get enough. I am excellent with client relations and love working around enthusiastic people.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, both for work and pleasure, and binge watching my favorite TV shows. I’m a Florida girl who loves the outdoors, especially the beach. I like to pretend I’m a better cook than I am and am always excited to try new recipes.

Currently I am working to perfect my hand at pointed pen calligraphy and hand lettering and am available for calligraphy services as well.

Follow me for all the details in the design and a personal peek into my crazy life as a planner. Contact me to get started on your big event!


Leah Michelle

Certified Wedding Planner. Photographer. Creative.


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