Putting My Face On

Let’s be honest…every girl loves a good excuse to dress up every now and then right? With the exception of a few up-do’s and friend of a family make up jobs for proms I’ve never had my hair and makeup “professionally” done. In fact, I was usually the one doing my friends’ make up. So, needless to say when a recent opportunity arose for me to get a professional “make over” I jumped at the chance!

My office was home to a photo shoot for one of our wedding planners earlier this week and I had the pleasure of participating. Essentially, we turned our client consultation room into an office/wedding haven with tables and vases draping with linen samples, flowers and pictures galore. My job was to act as the bride-to-be and pretend to be in the middle of a consultation with the planner. It was pretty fun.  But I digress…my lack of acting skills and brief stint as a bride are not the point of this post.

To make sure I was camera ready (side note – it’s quite strange being on that side of the camera) our wedding planner brought in a make up artist to make me over. Amy does TV and special events – i.e. weddings – jobs all over the South Florida Area so I was in good hands. Let me tell you – it was quite fun!

I was a little nervous because this would be my first experience with air brushed makeup. (In case you don’t know what that is, it’s when the makeup is literally applied to your face with an airbrush machine – similar to a mini spray tan machine) Airbrushing is really popular with weddings because A. it doesn’t sweat off and B. it doesn’t wipe off (depending on the brands of course). Also, it looks extremely natural as it goes on quite thin. I am officially a fan! It was so light and barely felt like I was wearing anything. Amy also went all out applying false eyelashes and full eye makeup etc. Not only did I enjoy not having to lift a hand to get ready for this, but it was nice to see how good I could look (HA!) because I typically stick with just slight smokey eye, liner, blush and chapstick. So classy 🙂

Anyway, I am officially an airbrush convert. I can certainly see why it is so widely used for the big day and it will be a my must do list for all my clients from here on out! Now, I know it’s totally wrong to tease with all this information and not show the finished product but alas, I only have some pretty awful iPhone pictures.

Oh who care’s …. full disclosure right…. (ignore the crazy faces). For comparison factor, there’s a pretty rough before on my About page.

I’ll add a few sneaks from the shoot once I get those.