For the special ladies

I totally can’t take credit for this one – but one of my brides showed me the CUTEST website today. Obviously, it is quite common for couples to make a wedding website for themselves. It is easier on the guests to gather all of the necessary information: hotels, activities, registry, etc, but wedding websites even make it easier on the couple these days – with online RSVP’s and even online invitations.

This kind of site however – is a new one for me (am I behind the times? who knows). Sara, the bride I speak of, created a blog just for her wedding party. Not only does she showcase the lovely ladies with a brief description of how she knows the girls, but she has also provided a convenient location for them to acquire all of the information they need: i.e. attire, weekend schedule, event details. The best part – the password protected page that gives a sneak peak at her dress (sorry no looking!). Someone needs to show me that trick by the way. Anyway, enough babbling, click the pic and take a look for yourself.

Also, Sara has a great photography blog, which I have linked above. If you like photography as much as I do – which is obviously a lot – you should check it out. Her work is beautiful.


Raise chin from floor…wipe drool off face

In my exhaustion at the end of the day, I never got around to a post yesterday (or Today I Love… Tuesday edition). To make up for it – I bring you lots of drool worthy items (hence the rather unappealing title; you know you love it!)

I have mentioned before that I am a blog fanatic. Scratch that – a wedding Blog fanatic. I have about 10 “must sees” coming into my Google reader every day and it is the ONLY non-work site I allow myself to look at during the day. As I have been feverishly trying to promote my blog, A.K.A. obnoxiously asking everyone I know “Hey, have you seen my blog,” a few people have told me about others I should be adding to my reader collection.

Today my sister brought this little lovely to my attention: Kristen Weaver Photography. If I’m not mistaken she went to college with Kristen, who is now a wedding and fashion photographer working out of Orlando, Florida. Quick back history: I have my degree in photojournalism and wedding photography was the one niche I was always too scared to try. There I said it. *whew* glad that’s out haha. My background in the field however has made me extremely critical as well as obsessed with wedding photography in general. Kristen is absolutely amazing. Her photographs are nothing but B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L (and no I’ve never met this girl in my life so she didn’t ask me promote her). Just to prove it to you – I give you a sneak peak:

This particular photo shoot was featured on Style Me Pretty – one of my daily reads. When I initially saw it (at the time not knowing who’s it was) I died. I absolutely loved all of the feminine details and the buckets of baby’s breath – which are so pretty if done right – not weed like (and I am anxiously awaiting the day I have a bride who wants to do this!). My favorite part is the acrylic table number from the first two images. SWOON!!!!! When I opened Kristen’s blog and saw this on the top post, I died again.

I don’t know how long Kristen’s business has been kickin but she appears to be on a great track. Looking through her site, she has been featured and published in numerous places, and rightly so. I just hope I will one day have as much success with my planning business as she does with her photography. I leave you with a few more eye goodies:

Thank you Amanda for continuing my blog obsession. Kristen – if ever you read this – keep up the beautiful work! (all photos courtesy of Kristen Weaver Photography)

…. and just to keep you around a bit longer (Sorry for the length). My second drool inducing event today was this:

Notepad anyone?

I walked into a co-workers office today and I think I may have squealed. This little pad of pretty was just hanging out on her desk. I love it! It’s just so cute and … I don’t know… perfect? The wedding planner side of my brain went nuts. My immediate thoughts went to bridesmaids gifts, programs, personalized stationary favors, you name it! It looked so simple to make and super easy to personalize. I have officially added this to my to do list. As soon as I get the chance I am going to make one. No I am going to make a hundred, and find reasons to gift them to everyone and anyone I know. Consider yourself warned. The end.

Today I Love… (monday edition)

These awesome rehearsal dinner invites. They are simple and clean – yet modern and vibrant. I love that orange!

simple beauty

These little lovelies come courtesy of one of my favorite blogs… WeddingBee. WeddingBee is a blog that features DIY brides, each coined with a personality appropriate blog name. Miss Argyle made these herself in InDesign to go with her DIY invitation suite.

One of the reasons I love Wedding Bee is because you get to experience every aspect of wedding planning on a personal level. Most of these “bee’s” don’t use wedding planners (which I obviously would not recommend 🙂 ), but I think for the average bride it gives a truly realistic look at the detail and stress that goes into a wedding. I also love the blog because I find each individual inspirational in all of their creativity and projects.

If you’re into crafting – check it out. There are a lot of great tips and tricks for every project – wedding or not. The blog also features a classified section where Bee’s and other users post items for sale, as well as vendor section to find that baker or venue in your area. It is a great resource for any region you find yourself in.

I am a huge wedding blog junkie (obviously if I am writing one myself) and WeddingBee is one of my daily fixes!