Floral initiation (of sorts)

Today, I crossed a new item off my list. That is, my list of things to do/learn. With both my boss and my coworker on vacation this week (so close to mine!!!) I am in charge of our wedding for the weekend. This isn’t so big of a deal because clearly I run weddings by myself all the time. THIS time however, I was also in charge of a good portion of the florals. EEEK! Basically, I got to make all of the personal flowers for our lovely bride and her wedding party tomorrow.

I’ve done my fair share of boutonniere’s before (hey prom!), but I’ve never done an actual bouquet. Now I have a lot of faith in my creative abilities, and clearly so does our creative director (he’s the one that left me in charge of this task) but I’m not gonna lie – this was a new frontier and I was scared shitless. Really, the bouquet is the one thing that is in pretty much EVERY picture and is by far what the client nit picks over the most. But alas, onward I trudged. (warning – please excuse the horrible iphone pictures from here on out. It’s a Friday, part of me gets to be lazy).

I started out with the boutonniere’s to get my feet wet and get used to it again, you know, hop back on the bike as they say. I used dendrobium orchids with some greenery accents:

my supplies also included some wire, floral tape, ribbon, floral shears and ribbon scissors. The pile of flowers on the left are my orchids, the right is the greenery (don’t ask me what kind – I don’t know. I just know it’s sticky when you cut it . gross). I wired each of the orchids individually, then layered them with some greens and wrapped them with some floral tape to finish it off. Then I took a trusty hot glue gun and wrapped the whole sucker in satin ribbon. Basically, I ended up with this:

except there were 10 of them to make, as well as a big purple vanda for the groom. So this is what it looked like when I was done:
with that finished I spritzed them with some water and in the cooler they went. Then it was on to the big guns.
This time around I started out with light pink/purple phaleonopsis orchids:
pink peonies, purple vanda orchids, white freesia and possibly some white dendrobium orchids (which I ended up not using):
This time I only needed to wire the purple vandas so I could basically build the bouquet however I wanted. The bride wanted a cascade so I started with my phalonopsis since they are fairly bendy and curved to begin with (all technical terms of course haha). Next I added in peonies for some fluff and because, well let’s be honest, who doesn’t love peonies?
Finally, I added in the purple vandas throughout the bouquet and spotted it with some freesia. I added a few more stems of phals at the last minute and wrapped the whole thing up. Finished product here:
Personally, I give myself a pat on the back. I thought it turned out quite splendidly! I’ll have to see in the AM if it will require any tweaking but I think it was a great first shot. I will also be interested to see how it photographs. I might just have a career in floral design after all! Tomorrow I get to build a chuppa … what a weekend. 🙂

Petal Cones…You are the bane of my existence…

If I ever get married and some one in my close circle hears me say I want petal cones at my wedding…slap me. Real hard so it leaves a mark.

What are petal cones you ask? Exhibit A:


Now don’t get me wrong, they are beautiful, and they hold a special place in the wedding world. The after effect can often times be quite exquisite. Exhibit b:


However, even my art brain couldn’t handle this project. One of our clients at work decided she wanted these in her wedding (which is tomorrow BTW, and she originally ordered 100, thank god she cut that down!). I thought to myself – oh craft paper and ribbon, sounds easy enough.

If ever you should be doing this project, do not, I repeat, do not wait till the day before! Basically, you use an 8×10″ piece of paper, roll it into a cone, staple, tie with ribbon and repeat. I thought I could easily knock out a couple dozen of these in 30 minutes – hour tops. These little cones are decieving to the eye! They are soooo much harder than expected. Every time I thought I got into the groove and had finally gotten the technique down pat, I pretty much failed on the next one and had to teach myself all over again how to do it. I think i finally got it down on cone number 52. 52 out of 60. About halfway through I decided there had to be an easier way to do this and googled instructions. Apparently there is a template to use but I just didn’t have that kind of patience at this moment. All’s well that ends well though, and they looked pretty good. Here is a finished cone:

and the whole box of cones I created ready for tomorrow:

I think this is definitely one of those situations where you forget the pain until you relive it. Like a tattoo. So when I finally do remember how frustrating they are to make, lets just hope it’s months before I actually need them, not 24 hrs!

DIY Tags

I feel like weddings are becoming more and more about DIY. Maybe it’s because of the economy and the low budgets, but I’m not necessarily complaining (well except for the fact that this means not so many people using planners currently. gr). Anyway, one of my good friends pointed these fun tags out to me today and I am quite keen on them as well!

I’ve always had a weird attraction to skull adorned items, but these are cute. In mini version they would make great wine glass tags for events (maybe a different symbol, but showers, rehearsal dinners etc – thanks court for the idea!). The possibilities of design are endless, and they look uber simple to make. (These come by way of  “Miss Teacher Lady” on flickr).

This individual also advertises other tags and coasters!

I think these could also work wonderfully as escort cards or place cards, tied around a napkin perhaps? Gift tags for the OOT (out of town) welcome bags, bridal party gifts, even thank you favors maybe? Again – the possibilities are endless. It looks like all you need are some ribbon, card stock and stamp ink.

Speaking of DIY – I’ve had a hankering for a while to try out some of the paper/fabric flowers that I am seeing ALLL OVER THE WEB! I think i’m going to bite the bullet and try it out sometime soon. I’ll keep you posted. No pun intended.

A Little Bit of Whimsy, A Little Bit of Fun

Truth: I am obsessed with puzzles! Especially crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. (There’s even a book of crosswords in my bathroom. Yes I said it.) I would take a gander that with the rampant spread of “Words with Friends” iPhone app most of America is probably obsessed with puzzles as well (of the Scrabble variety).

So – with all this puzzle love, why not add some to your wedding. That’s right – a wedding. Confused – take in some of these lovelies:

“Random tiles?” you say to yourself… wait there’s more…

The RSVP card also splits into jigsaw pieces – one you return with your RSVP, and one you keep so you know all the important information. LOVE!!

And there’s more from this fun wedding.. jigsaw puzzle seating cards

Each guest has their own piece – directing them to their seating location.

Together, the pieces at the table form a funky picture of the couple (I’ve also seen them form the menus, or a story about the couple – the engagement for instance).

But wait, these fun puzzle pieces also serve one more function…

The puzzle photos are then matted and signed by guests to make a wonderful art piece for their home. Who needs a guestbook when you have this?!

Not a jigsaw fan? How about some scrabble:

Table letters and place cards. Simple – but still a statement.

Obviously – I love this. It’s such a unique way to showcase some personality. Now that I have sufficiently given away one of my personal wedding must haves (note to all those whose weddings I might attend – you’ve been warned 😉 ha) Anyone else ever seen quirky little details such as this?

*all jigsaw puzzle pics courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs. Scrabble from Project Wedding

Today I Love… (monday edition)

These awesome rehearsal dinner invites. They are simple and clean – yet modern and vibrant. I love that orange!

simple beauty

These little lovelies come courtesy of one of my favorite blogs… WeddingBee. WeddingBee is a blog that features DIY brides, each coined with a personality appropriate blog name. Miss Argyle made these herself in InDesign to go with her DIY invitation suite.

One of the reasons I love Wedding Bee is because you get to experience every aspect of wedding planning on a personal level. Most of these “bee’s” don’t use wedding planners (which I obviously would not recommend 🙂 ), but I think for the average bride it gives a truly realistic look at the detail and stress that goes into a wedding. I also love the blog because I find each individual inspirational in all of their creativity and projects.

If you’re into crafting – check it out. There are a lot of great tips and tricks for every project – wedding or not. The blog also features a classified section where Bee’s and other users post items for sale, as well as vendor section to find that baker or venue in your area. It is a great resource for any region you find yourself in.

I am a huge wedding blog junkie (obviously if I am writing one myself) and WeddingBee is one of my daily fixes!