Gold (Medal) Worthy Decor

If I knew how to make this post sing when you read it – I would have done so. What tune you ask?

Ba, Ba, Ba da ba da da, ba ba ba da, da dada dada da da.

In case you can’t tell that’s my (awful) interpretation of the Olympic march. I believe it is officially titled “Bugler’s Dream.” Save your eyeballs and treat your ears here. Regardless, I’m sure this song will be blasting from the TV set of anyone who knows what’s good on a Friday night. Or at least this Friday night.

I am on the verge of obsessed with the Olympics. I love them so much I have already registered all of my electronic devises for  24 hour streaming of every event online. Yes that’s a thing. Why you ask?

1. I love the Olympics because these athletes possess skills that I will never in this lifetime have a chance of attaining. That would require me getting off the couch.  Any athletic talent I had went out the window LONG ago.

2. Any opportunity to sneak a peak into some of the greatest cities on this planet is a fantastic excuse to me to park my butt in front of the tv and not feel guilty.

4. How can you not love a sandy beach volleyball player or the half naked men in the pool? Eye Candy. All day. For two weeks.

5. Who isn’t amazed at competitive speed walking or professional canoeing? Yes those are also things.

But I digress. The impending festivities have my inspiration swirling and the next best thing to throwing an Olympic viewing party (yes this thought actually crossed my mind. I even went so far as to consider decor. It’s insane. I know) is to pretend to throw an Olympic party, or at least something similar.

In honor of the gold medals that will be handed out in the upcoming weeks I give you the gold wedding inspiration:

These first images were collected via Style Me Pretty. The gold can come through in small details whether it be a metallic cake, menu cards, studded shoes or soft tones in the flowers.

If you’re looking to make a bigger statement take a cue from the boards at and go bold with your invites, dress, or sequin linens:

I feel like I could even make a dress out of that linen it’s so beautiful. Either way you spin it, gold is glamorous and you can’t help but feel like a winner! Now, I must go make myself comfortable – it’s going to be a long, but glorious, three weeks!


I’ve always known it was you Pt. 2

Well, as promised, it’s time to revisit the Ormond Beach Wedding. The professional pictures are in and they are fantastic. Seriously, there were so many beautiful images it was hard to pick out just a few to spotlight. The ceremony was held at Rockefeller Gardens with the reception following at Plantation Bay Country Club, both in Ormond Beach, Florida. Despite reports of thunderstorms we were blessed with clear skies and a nice breeze long enough for ceremony and pictures. All photos were taken by the talented AJ Neste who is such a blast to work with! (I apologize in advance for the oncoming photo overload!) Without further ado…let the ooh’s and ahh’s commence!

Using the forsythia blossom as inspiration Jaclyn and Ryan chose yellow, grey and white as their colors which were continued throughout the day. Guests were entertained with an acoustic guitar and cello during the ceremony by friends of the couple. All of the flowers were provided by Petals and Nature Scapes in Palm Coast and Parrish Designs of Miami. The reception was filled with willow and oncidium orchids, tulips, hydrangeas and calla lilies. Guests were greeted at the reception with a signature cocktail punch and a photo booth set up by the father of the bride. Shopping around for months, the bride found a vintage type writer through a friend so guests could write notes and well wishes to the couple. Guests were sent off with personalized bottles of olive oil put together by the bride and groom.

(From the bride) “They say it goes by quickly, but you can’t imagine.  The waiting feels endless — especially when you are engaged for a year in a half — but the last few minutes soared by me before I could catch a breath.  There was so much riding on one day, All of those tiny, minuscule details for a five-hour show.  But I wouldn’t change a thing.

I was so incredibly nervous about all the details coming together.  I had flowers for the reception coming from two places, and the ceremony flowers coming from another.  The aisles were lined with bows handmade by a friend and petal cones that I threw together. I had a groomsman flying in the day before the wedding, without his suit, praying that Penny’s would have his size.  It was chaos — brought together by one of my best friends, and wedding planner, myself & the groom, and my parents, who had been wonderfully helpful throughout the whole process.

So it came down to the final minute.  I walked down the aisle.  I said my vows.  I took the obligatory photos and some rather hilarious ones.  I rode in a limo to the reception.  Danced to our song.  Cut the cake.  Smile and hugged like my life depended on it.  And then it was over.  It was a massive, yellow blur for the most part.  I remember flying to St. Lucia for the honeymoon and thinking that I couldn’t wait to see pictures because I couldn’t remember how everything looked. I was praying that it all came together like I imagined.  

It honestly wasn’t until I got to see the photos that I realized how perfect everything was.  The flowers matched perfectly and created a beautiful backdrop.  The DJ was fun and entertaining and the pictures of everyone on the dance floor show my friends and family having a fabulous time — including my 80-year-old grandfather.  By the last photo of the night, Ryan & I have our heads pressed together and I look truly exhausted and truly blessed all at the same time.  And that’s what I felt. Everything fell into place and I was surrounded by beautiful things & beautiful people for the whole night.”

All of the little details added up to a spectacular wedding! Congratulations again to Jaclyn and Ryan!


Color of the Year

First off, let me blanket statement an apology for being MIA for well, almost a month pretty much. I’ve been a bit tied up with work, holidays and vacation. YAY! (more on that later) But alas, I am back and preparing for the new year. 2011 will be a year of big plans for me – though I will not be making resolutions because I hate those. I read a study the other day that said of the people who make new years resolutions 14% of them are more likely to fulfill their goals for the year vs. 3% of those who don’t make resolutions who fulfill their goals. Interesting right? I digress…

It’s pretty typical for weddings/social events/fashion or really anything to follow the trends of the year. We always have those lovely reminders of grandma’s wedding bonnet and our parents poofy dress sleeves to remind us of the trend of the decade. The design world is no different. Every year Pantone, aka color mecca, comes out with a color of the year. Some past ones include:


The mimosa shade of yellow was pretty common in the wedding world last spring in the grey/yellow combination (still makes me swoon every time I see it). Tourquise was poppping up everywhere right around summer time, so I’m sure you’ve seen them both. I’m a little behind on the post but 2011 has just recently been announced. Drumroll…

Honeysuckle! Of the pink variety that is. You can read all about the announcement here courtesy of none other than Pantone (I really do talk about them alot don’t I? Maybe I should find a new obsession ha). I could not be more excited. This fuscia/cranberry/pink esque color is one of my favorites. It’s a color to “lift the spirits.” Who doesn’t want that on their big day?

Now, depending on where you look the shade variety might vary but I like it all the same. Color combos are immediately popping into my head. Honeysuckle with grey, or yellow, or navy. Like so: (please excuse my paint skills, I’m on a pc 😦 ug. )

In a bit m0re elegant of a manner it could work. so I put together an inspiration board (very roughly and on paint again – excuse the slop):

You get my drift. It’s a color scheme that could be dressed up or dressed own. Quite frankly – I’m excited to see what become of honeysuckle in the 2011 wedding world!

Pinch me am I sleeping?

Because it’s like my dreams are coming alive. Why’s that you ask? Well aside from my extremely quirky (and realistic) dreams as of yet – that’s a story for another time – this following wedding is the epitome of my latest dreams. I have found myself being drawn to the same style of weddings lately – maybe it’s because we just closed up the summer wedding season which is always beautiful, or maybe its a nice swing of trends, or perhaps I’m just getting tunnel vision currently – whatever it is – i’m loving it.

“It” – is a simple style, laid-back but still feminine and glamorous, outdoor weddings. Case in point the event below. The following wedding took place in Manhattan Beach in Southern California. Photography was done by Erin Hearts Court, florals by JL Designs, and once again showcased on my mecca Style Me Pretty.

The couple planned most of the event themselves (with help from their floral designer) and took the event location – The Shade Hotel – as inspiration for the feel of the wedding. I absolutely love the color palette of whites, greens, and grey executed beautifully through the cymbidiums, hydrangeas, tulips, and calla lilies.. I think it is very chic and elegant, but also very natural in feeling (not to mention the pale green is one of my favorite colors – heyo!). The husband did all of the designing of paper goods, website, invites, etc, so it was definitely a DIY wedding – also one of my favorite parts!!

The grey bridesmaid dresses are from JCrew (love!), and look awesome against the green bridesmaids bouquets. Those bouquets by the way – are tied for one of my number one details from this event. Why? Because every bridesmaid carried a bouquet of a different flower. OBSESSED! I especially love the super parrot tulips (the green/white ones in the bridesmaid picture toward the end). They are so unique!

The personalized bouquets are tied with the ceremony decor – specifically the fabric draping on the “ceiling.” This is the second time I have seen this style of treatment and I think it is so beautiful. I can’t look at it enough.

Enough about the details though – how cute are the pictures of the couple?! Laying in the sand, chillin on a vintage beach cruiser – they capture the event so perfectly.

OK, enough swooning. If you want more pictures check out the gallery on Style Me Pretty. I will keep dreaming.

Opportunity of a lifetime

Today I was about 2 seconds away from dying (figuratively)…I almost got to meet David Tutera.

hello lovely

I not only love him, I want to be him. But let’s be honest – what would I have done when I was face to face with my gay husband. Especially dressed the way I was.

I got to go to a work event today totally last minute. I was just sitting there, making phone calls and ordering flowers when my boss remembered that she had this industry luncheon thing that she really didn’t want to go to. I quote “if I take you then I have a good excuse to leave early because nobody is at our office.” When I asked what it was she just said “oh its a follow-up lunch for an event for all the big industry people – you know (named a few companies) David Tutera, Sylvia Weinstock, Pablo, Jackie O” so casually. I literally spit out my sweet tea. The first thing that came out of my mouth? “I’m not dressed appropriately for David Tutera!” (how pathetic! I was in skinny jeans, cute loafers, a basic tee and a zebra scarf btw – not terrible but not the first impression I wanted to make).

Anyway, we showed up late – and it was technically a sit down meal – and I wasn’t technically invited – but there were 2 no shows so it turned out fine. David Tutera was one of those no shows (I have to use his full name because it just sounds that much cooler haha). BUMMER! I got to enjoy some wicked good food though, and meet some great people, and I got to see some GORGEOUS table settings (if only I could hope to be able to afford them one day), so all in all it was a decent 2 hours away from the office.

I’ll just have to keep dreaming of the day I can meet David Tutera himself.

Goodies, Goodies, Lots of Goodies

Ok so it’s been quite some time since the last post, so to makeup for it, i’m going to share lots of fun things with whoever it is that is reading my blog! 🙂

I had this week off and spent this past weekend visiting my sister. Basically this means tanning, lots of food, and shopping. All of the items linked below relate back to this weekend in some way or another – inspiration perhaps.

I took the opportunity of nice weather and a day to myself to tan. I love the beach so naturally I fell in love instantly with the below engagement shoot showcased on Junebug Weddings.

The next day consisted of lots of shopping. I was looking for new shoes. I am a sucker for flats – how cute are these custom made flats from etsy seller extraseed? Bride or Bridesmaid – you can definitely dance all night!

Barnes & Noble was also an important addition to the day. I love books and love to see them incorporated into events like centerpieces on style me pretty

and these DIY hardback books for pretty much anything from Elizabeth Anne Designs

And naturally, a shopping trip isn’t complete without some fashion purchases. Fashion, specifically Louis Vuitton, was a source of inspiration for this engagement shoot on 100 Layer Cake. How fun!

A final stop for the weekend was a hunt for Vera Bradley. I think with her latest lines Vera is on the way back in. You can’t help but love her for all things gift related, but I have specifically fallen in love with the below bag which will be arriving on my doorstep before long. The Ditty Bag is the perfect catch all for bridesmaids gifts, no?

And last but not least, not particularly related to the weekend, but my heart strings can’t help but pull from these adorable scratch off invitations from etsy seller unlesssomeonelikesyou.

Lots of things to drool over, at least I did. On another note, I start my new job tomorrow, so expect a lot from the world of events this week. Happy Monday!

It’s Like It Was Made for Me…Today I Love…

To feed my addiction

In case you weren’t aware – I have a serious soda addiction. Coca- Cola to be specific. Today I love, no I am crushing on… this Urban Outfitters glass.

Other current crushes from Urban… awesome owl umbrella stand, lace inspired acid etched letters, and so cute puzzle pillowcases (naturally). Although I will say, the umbrella stand has a hot competitor in this – but zGallerie is another can of worms altogether.

You can tell I was bored at work today, but hey Christmas is (almost) right around the corner.

Ok. I’m done now.

Murphys Law at its best (or worst?)

As promised, the elusive recap post has finally arrived. In case you forgot – the wedding I am referring to, was an event I did at the end of July. Read part one here. Anyway, the photos have finally arrived from Sakura Photo, the wonderful photographers who captured the amazing images. The couple had their ceremony at St. John Neuman Catholic Church in Miami with the reception at Signature Gardens (which has since closed or at least will be very soon). As mentioned before they had originally planned an outdoor ceremony so ultimately it came down to bringing the garden elements indoors.

The Bride wore a Maggie Sottero gown, which surprisingly she found pretty last minute, only two months before the big day.

As evident by her suede stilettos, the colors of the wedding were anchored with this rich plum. We brought the color into numerous details, starting with the shoes.

As part of the old, new, borrowed, blue tradition, Tatiana wore the veil her oldest sister had worn at her own wedding.

It’s a little difficult to see in this image, but her younger sister and MOH wore a dark plum dress.

Tatiana added these adorable I Do rinestones to the bottom of her shoes.

A family friend loaned the white stretch limo to the couple for the entire day as a gift for their wedding. You’ll see the brides bouquet is comprised of purple cymbidium orchids, white roses and stephanotis, the flowers were carried throughout the reception to continue the flowing garden feel. MOH carried a gerbera daisy bouquet.

Orchid and tulle pew decor made by the brides grandmother.

The entire bridal party was made up of 14 small children. The youngest of which are seen here. All the girls wore matching ivory tulle dresses and ballet flats.

Each of the Junior Bridesmaids also wore plum peacock feather headbands and tulle sashes.

A manzanita tree dripping in crystals and candles was created to hold the seating chart. Each table hung from the branches above the “guest book” at the entrance to the reception.

Instead of a traditional book, guests signed wishing stones for the couple and placed them in vase, to decorate their new home.

The centerpieces were tall glass vases holding orchids and manzanitas through the center with orchid, hydrangea, and rose arrangements on top.

You can catch a glimpse of the favors in the bottom right hand side of this image. Each family was given a sapling tree to take home in representation of the tree that Joe propsed to Tatiana under. Each family was also given a mix tape from the couple, which tied in the groom’s personality as he is a DJ.

Also, it is a little difficult to see in this image, but purple ribbons were tied to the base of every cocktail glass for the toast. Since the tables were white on white the ribbons were used to add color to the table top. The purple was also carried into the menu cards, tucked into napkins on each place setting.

When it came to the memories from the evening, the couple had one request. They absolutely had to have an image similar to one they had seen in a magazine. The result was the above photograph.

In addition to the traditional champagne toast, tequila shots were tray passed through the reception for a special toast to open the dance floor for the evening. Here the couple and BM take a second round.

Similar to the junior bridesmaids purple headbands the junior groomsmen all had matching purple chuck taylors. The groom (second pair of shoes) had custom pair of converse made for the evening.

In  special ending to the night, one of the junior groomsmen had a solo karaoke moment for the crowd.

All in all, the wedding went very well. It is common knowledge that something will go wrong. This is pretty much guaranteed. For my first event however, a lot of things went wrong – and strangely enough, most of those were things that I did not have a hand in prior to the day of. In the end everything worked out fine but some of those snafoo’s included:

1. There were chairs missing when the chivaris were delivered to the reception hall

2. The favor count was off and therefore required a last minute rearrangement on the table

3. Someone had failed to inform anyone in our party that there was a baptism scheduled a mere 30 minutes before the bride was supposed to walk down the aisle. Thankfully no one noticed, but that was a rough one to hurdle.

4. the florist was missing a boutonnieres and corsage in the order

4. There was not enough cash on hand to pay for all of the required vendors the day of and resulted in some ATM runs between ceremony and reception.

oh and the biggest whoopsie of all – the marriage license was left at home. This is a big deal when it comes to catholic ceremonies by the way.

All in all – things turned out well, and the evening was beautiful I did learn a few things however.

1. candy works wonders to bribe children down an aisle (thankfully it was a great bunch of kids too)

2. you can never give someone too many reminders

3. always have a plan B, which includes keeping extra floral pins on hand

4. never do an event alone. Had I not had the help of two lovely ladies whom I completed my certification with, I don’t know what I would have done. They were lifesavors. Michelle and Ana if you are reading this – Thank you for all of your help.

Now, a month ago I had a lot more to say about the event and the recap, but looking back, I shouldn’t have been surprised with the bumps and potholes. It was the first of many events and I had a blast.

Sorry for the lengthy post – but god it is good to finally get that off my chest! (and off my to-do list!)

Paint the town Red

If you have picked up any magazine recently you may have noticed that the new color of the season is Red. Bright Crimson Red. (Jewel tones, with a bit of a brighter twist, also seem to be popping up everywhere.) I always find it interesting how design trends follow fashion and colors on the runway creep into interior design, graphic design, and obviously event design.

This is not the best quality image – but the below picture is from one of my favorite books of the moment, the Visual Miscellaneum, made up completely of info-graphics. This particular one is showing the Pantone colors of the season for the past few years.

So Fun!

Anyway, Pantone is the design color mecca, but if you look at the Spring 2010 (the last portion of the rainbow) there are more than a few colors that were popular in the wedding world. Since Red is such a striking color I am very interested to see how it appears this coming season. I personally picture it as more of an accent, but it can definitely play center stage in the right setting.

I tried to find some good photos, but it’s late and i’m tired so…here are some of the combinations that I’ve seen a lot lately:

Red and tan or camel (think: gold hued bridesmaids dresses with red Gerbera bouquets? love). The good thing about this combo is that the tan color tone can mellow out a bright red very easily.

Red and teal (a very vibrant version of teal was also a fairly popular color last season as well – toned down a bit it would be a nice classic combination). This screams a fun party to me.

Red and purple (again purple was a HUGE color for the spring season, so this would be an awesome way to use it as an accent and phase it out. Cranberry and plum anyone? Sidenote: we will be bringing in a touch of red to pair with the dark plum in an upcoming event I’m doing; glad to know it won’t be outdated 🙂 ha)

The good thing about having a bright color pop like red is that it really goes with any thing. Red and black is very classic (Audrey Hepburn – black dress, red lips), I think you could even get away with a darker red mixed with a pink hue of sorts…

hmm…something to consider. Anyway, colors make me happy, and the turn of the season is always exciting for me – waiting to see what’s next on the horizon! Not to mention – I am obsessed with all things Pantone!

Movie Weddings

I am currently sitting and vegging on my couch watching a double feature of Father of the Bride – which is arguably one of THE BEST wedding movies of all time.

In some ways – movies like this make me laugh with how typical they are. Annie wears a big poofy white lacy dress. The Bridesmaids are wearing big poofy pink dresses. All of the floral decorations at the church at white roses and green vines. I tried to find some worthy pictures of it – but they’re hard to find.

How could you not love planner Franc anyway? I think one of my favorite lines from the movies (during the wedding at least) comes towards the end when George says “the guests were complimenting me on what a great party, how beautiful the house looked, they loved the flowers, but I still hadn’t kissed the bride.”

This always resonates with me because I think a lot of people underestimate not just how stressful the day is in general, but the strain it puts on the family.  I also think it’s interesting because in this movie Annie lived with her parents until the day of the wedding, they show her packing up her room after the rehearsal.  These days that type of ‘finality’ doesn’t occur quite so often as cohabitation is a lot more popular, but I an only imagine the added stress having a daughter move out would put on the family in general.

I’m being a little too analytical right now for a lazy sunday afternoon, so I’m going to go enjoy the baby drama of Father of the Bride II. Let’s be honest – I just want to be Franc.