DIY or Handmade?

If you’re into arts and crafts and creative endeavors in general it’s likely the thought of a DIY wedding has crossed your mind. Projects like this can be so fun and really give you a sense of accomplishment when it comes to planning. Nevertheless, it is easy to get caught up and underestimate what a DIY wedding really entails. But have no fear – you can still have the personal, handmade feel without actually getting down and dirty with your glue gun. Etsy is an engaged girls dreamworld and I know we’ve all been sucked into the black hole that is Etsy shopping. These are just a few of my favorite things from the handmade wedding world that I’ve found during my browse sessions. (all photos courtesy of individual shops on etsy)

il_570xN.689834484_3gk1Bride and Groom Signs

I just used these carved wooden signs at an outdoor wedding and they are just perfection. Perfect size, rustic without being too rough, and so sweet when tied with some satin ribbon. Working with Laura was a breeze as well and she helped easily manage a shipping snafu we had. This might be one of my new favorite shops.


Personalized Tumblers

These little guys caught my eye while flipping through the site recently. You can never have too many tumblers and Vanessa seems to offer a lot of style variations. I personally like them with just the names but there are so many options there is definitely something for everyone!


Custom Wedding Bands

Some gentleman are wary of the wedding band. I’m not talking commitment here, I’m talking style and I can’t help but agree. Etsy is a treasure trove for unique bands for the men in your life. This particular piece highlights meteorite and dinosaur bone. Yes, dinosaur bone. It is just so weird and wonderful I had to share!


Bridal Skirt

Everybody deserves to feel like a princess during their wedding and nothing screams princess more than a tulle skirt! I am obsessed with this knee length blush beauty. I think it would make the perfect piece for a party dress or even a statement during the rehearsal. This shop has numerous styles available along with a lot of other fantastic finds.


Sequin hanger

Last but not least, the perfect accessory for your bridal gown, the sequin hanger. I knew Emily from college and just love what she has done with her shop. This hanger is the perfect compliment for all of those gown pictures while you’re getting ready! If you’re a recent grad the Koozies make a great cocktail hour conversation piece as well!

So, there you have it. A few of my favorite things at the moment. If you’re doubting your DIY prowess go handmade and let someone else sweat it out! I’ll be opening my own Etsy shop soon and will share all of my goodies as soon as its available.

Have you seen an Etsy shop you want to share? How about any projects you’ve tackled that turned out better than you thought? Share the news!


I can officially drop my last name…

and call myself a designer. Get it?! Like Michael by Michael Kors, or Chanel by Coco Chanel. Leah by Leah Michelle. Catchy, no? Well anyway, I have officially designed my own shoe (line?). Behold:

It is a charcoal grey suede with a magenta toe bow. The heel and piping are metallic silver.  Now this might not be the next show stopper at fashion week, the sketch certainly isn’t top quality, and it will never make it to my closet seeing as how it costs about $200, but it’s a pretty cool concept none the less!

How did I do it you ask? Well this little lovely of a website that’s how!

Milk & Honey is a fantastic website that will let you design your own shoes (heels or flats). They have options from suede, leathers, faux leathers to studs, bows, glitters, you name it, they have it (pretty much).

The site also has a ready to wear section where you can shop online for heels, sandals, flats, etc. The best thing about this site though – they cater to brides (and the maids)! The shoes might be a bit pricey to gift out to your girls, but the money is worth it for a hot pair of bridal shoes you’ll wear again. Say no to white satin!

My favorite part though, is that the company is family owned. It was started by two sisters who just wanted to fill their closet without breaking the bank (my kind of a goal!).

I tried to make these:

But alas, some styles just have to be purchased (ignore the double image, I attempted to do a screen shot in the middle of a photo transition. woops!)

I love.