A Brew and a View

I have a cruise vacation quickly approaching and I am very excited about it! It has been a long time since I have a been on a cruise and this could not come at a better time. When it comes to this type of a vacation, I’ll admit…I’m a brand whore. In this case, therea are only certain liners I will go on.

Now, as anti-Carnival as I am..this has me rethinking that just a bit

Floating Bar will have its own special brew

Carnival will be adding a new perk to their ship the Magic. They are now brewing their own beer – Thirsy Frog Red, which will be sold in their pub – the Red Frog Pub. I have to admit this is pretty cool.

Also pretty cool – they are going to be the first ship to have an onboard ropes course. HOW FUN! This ALMOST persuades me to go. 🙂