Let’s Get Digital

(Sung in my head with this in the background and some minor lyrical adaptations of course. Side note – we had that rowing machine in our house growing up. When I try to explain it to people now they don’t know what I’m talking about – but there is proof!)

There once was a time that families didn’t stray too far from their roots and weddings were a home town celebration.  Now, if even 20-30% of the guest list are “local” it’s a big deal. Destination weddings are the norm and that is one of the many reasons why the digital age is sweeping the wedding industry. Today, I just wanted to share a couple of fun ways to add some technology to your big day.

wedding photo

1. Use video conferencing for guests unable to attend. Ikea’s getting in on the trend too. This is such a wonderful way to share this emotional moment with those you care most about in life!

2. It’s not a wedding without a hashtag! Find you’re personal hashtag with an online generator. Try HashtagWall and Wedding Wire. Get creative!

3. Not convinced you need one? Here are 5 reasons to use a wedding hashtag via Rustic Wedding Chic.

4. Skip the hashtag and get direct access to everyone’s photos! The Huffington post has a great list of options for just that.

5. Snap pictures as you dance the night away and never worry about your battery! Mobile charging stations are a great option. You can DIY your own or rent one. I have personally seen ChargerFi in action and it is a great addition to the party, allowing you to upload a slideshow as well.

Even with all of the options to harness the power of technology a lot of couples still opt for a phone free event. Let your guests know in advance, post a sign, or make a note in the program requesting them to be present during the big day.

(I don’t do sponsored posts on this blog, I just happen to want to share these ideas with the world)