I’ve always known it was you Pt. 2

Well, as promised, it’s time to revisit the Ormond Beach Wedding. The professional pictures are in and they are fantastic. Seriously, there were so many beautiful images it was hard to pick out just a few to spotlight. The ceremony was held at Rockefeller Gardens with the reception following at Plantation Bay Country Club, both in Ormond Beach, Florida. Despite reports of thunderstorms we were blessed with clear skies and a nice breeze long enough for ceremony and pictures. All photos were taken by the talented AJ Neste who is such a blast to work with! (I apologize in advance for the oncoming photo overload!) Without further ado…let the ooh’s and ahh’s commence!

Using the forsythia blossom as inspiration Jaclyn and Ryan chose yellow, grey and white as their colors which were continued throughout the day. Guests were entertained with an acoustic guitar and cello during the ceremony by friends of the couple. All of the flowers were provided by Petals and Nature Scapes in Palm Coast and Parrish Designs of Miami. The reception was filled with willow and oncidium orchids, tulips, hydrangeas and calla lilies. Guests were greeted at the reception with a signature cocktail punch and a photo booth set up by the father of the bride. Shopping around for months, the bride found a vintage type writer through a friend so guests could write notes and well wishes to the couple. Guests were sent off with personalized bottles of olive oil put together by the bride and groom.

(From the bride) “They say it goes by quickly, but you can’t imagine.  The waiting feels endless — especially when you are engaged for a year in a half — but the last few minutes soared by me before I could catch a breath.  There was so much riding on one day, All of those tiny, minuscule details for a five-hour show.  But I wouldn’t change a thing.

I was so incredibly nervous about all the details coming together.  I had flowers for the reception coming from two places, and the ceremony flowers coming from another.  The aisles were lined with bows handmade by a friend and petal cones that I threw together. I had a groomsman flying in the day before the wedding, without his suit, praying that Penny’s would have his size.  It was chaos — brought together by one of my best friends, and wedding planner, myself & the groom, and my parents, who had been wonderfully helpful throughout the whole process.

So it came down to the final minute.  I walked down the aisle.  I said my vows.  I took the obligatory photos and some rather hilarious ones.  I rode in a limo to the reception.  Danced to our song.  Cut the cake.  Smile and hugged like my life depended on it.  And then it was over.  It was a massive, yellow blur for the most part.  I remember flying to St. Lucia for the honeymoon and thinking that I couldn’t wait to see pictures because I couldn’t remember how everything looked. I was praying that it all came together like I imagined.  

It honestly wasn’t until I got to see the photos that I realized how perfect everything was.  The flowers matched perfectly and created a beautiful backdrop.  The DJ was fun and entertaining and the pictures of everyone on the dance floor show my friends and family having a fabulous time — including my 80-year-old grandfather.  By the last photo of the night, Ryan & I have our heads pressed together and I look truly exhausted and truly blessed all at the same time.  And that’s what I felt. Everything fell into place and I was surrounded by beautiful things & beautiful people for the whole night.”

All of the little details added up to a spectacular wedding! Congratulations again to Jaclyn and Ryan!



Simplicity at its best

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work a wedding at the Ocean Reef Club, a resort community in Key Largo. I was expecting a little hotel, maybe some extra restuarants and event spaces right on the beach. What I actually found was a very large “city” of sorts. Ocean Reef is a private resort with it’s own church, supermarket, golf course, residential community, hotel, private beaches, vacation rentals, and some of the cutest pimped out golf carts I’ve ever seen (vintage cars or classic cadillac carts anyone?).

My company does a lot of events down there, almost every weekend to be exact, ranging from small and simple to grand and uber expensive. This particular event was of the former and I absolutely loved it!! Their website offers a decent look at the property in general. We set up the ceremony right on the beach.

It’s hard to see in the picture but there is a pale green aisle runner in the sand as well. The reception was also on the water:

It was a pretty smal event (about 90 ish people) so there were only a few tables, circled around a gazebo which acted as the dance floor. Cloose up of the tables:

We also decorated the gazebo columns with fabric and flowers and hung lanterns from the ceiling:

As I mentioned, this wedding was really simple and I liked the style the couple chose. They had a string ensemble with the wedding, and a steel drum band with the cocktail hour which I absolutely loved!!!! For the reception they had a latin/island band play and simple food stations set up. Here is a picture of the sushi/ice station for their cocktail hour that they had the resort do:

It was a beautiful event. The weather was perfect! (thankgod because the entire event was outside) The bride seemed super chill when we met her earlier in the day delivering her flowers. She wore a sparkly short dress, which was very cute and age appropriate (she as a bit older of a bride), and the groom and best man (there was only 1 attendant on each side) wore khakis, boat shoes, and sports jackets.

All in all the wedding was very fitting for the locale and one of my favorite events to work as of yet. And I loved the steel drum band. 🙂

Party Manners

a.k.a. – how to be a good wedding guest.

Every wedding has that “funny” story about the  guest that got blasted, or the MOG that showed up in a white glittery dress (monster in law style), or the fiasco of hunting down RSVP’s the night before. But wait – those aren’t really funny stories. While most people know what is appropriate for a wedding event, it never hurts to throw some reminders out there, especially with weddings trending back to a younger age group.

1. RSVP. Even if you are best friends with the couple and tell them in person – send your RSVP. Most people rely on this, and it makes everything so much easier if they receive it on time. Sometimes it can be nice to send a little love along with your RSVP, a note telling the couple how excited you are, etc. etc.

2. Similarly, if you and only you are invited, don’t bring a tag-along (or ask the bride if you can bring a tag-along). Weddings are expensive, an extra spot could tip them over budget, and let’s be honest – it’s just plain rude. If you are given a plus one but don’t have a significant other, gratiously decline that extra seat.

3. When it comes to shopping, the registry was usually made for a reason. It will give a nice idea of what the couple wants/needs. Also, if the couple has been courteous enough, they would have registered for gifts in a range of prices to satisfy that broke friend from college, or their aunt who won it big in the lottery. Don’t feel like you have to abide by the registry though – consider your relationship with the couple when shopping and make it meaningful. Do you go to happy hour every weekend together – how about a wine set, host dinner parties at each others houses – a nice slow cooker might work, vacation together – how about money towards the honeymoon or new fishing gear? Cash always has a place as well!

4. Mail the gift ahead of time, especially if you know the couple is travelling directly before or after the wedding. Not only will they not have to worry about getting it home – no one will steal it at the reception!

5. Contrary to popular belief, most weddings start on time. Don’t be late. This is especially true if the event is held in a religious facility or a very popular hotel complex. There are probably back to back events scheduled. Don’t be that obvious person shuffling in the back trying to be slick but really just making a lot of noise. The ceremony is the reason everyone has gathered in the first place, and they have asked you to be a part of it for a reason.

6. Watch what you wear. Most invitations will include a dress code. If not – take note of the time of day and location of the event for guidance. Whatever you do – don’t upstage the bride – a.k.a. no white, no obnoxious colors – keep it appropriate. If your in a religious facility, consider their rules, do you need a shawl to cover bare shoulders in the church?

7. Notice the details. While this may not be important to everyone, a lot of couples but serious time and effort into the little details. It’s nice to take notice and comment or compliment the couple – it shows you care.

8. Watch your behavior. And by behavior I mean your alcohol intake. No body wants to deal with the embarassment of a drunk wedding guest – and you don’t want to deal with untagging all those facebook pictures when you’re suffering a hangover. Do have a good time though, dance, enjoy yourself – it is a party after all.

9. Offer your congratulations to the couple and the host families, thank them for inviting you. It’s a little gesture that goes a long way. I would even send a snail mail thank you note after the event is over.

Nobody wants to be this person:

If you are looking for a surefire way to get kicked out though: read on.


Even though I have modern tastes in design and things, when it comes to etiquette I am strangely very traditional. This is especially the case when it comes to weddings, parties, invitations, and things of that nature.

According to wedding etiquette a newly engaged couple is “supposed” to tell their family the news before anyone else is informed. Given our technological world, this isn’t always the case. The news goes up on Facebook and often times the phone is out before the bride to be can even say yes.

That advance in technology can actually be a benefit though. Think email notification, AIM (for those that still use it that is), etc.

So thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings (the mecca of all things decor,parties,home and food ANYTHING), I was turned on to this site called pingg. Pingg specializes in e-invites and announcements that look just like real cards.

This provides a great outlet to let family and immediate friends know first before the news is spread. They have a great selection, and why wouldn’t you send something out when they are this cute:

Pingg has multiple designers contributing to the site. The options range from very graphic and contemporary, to photographic, to extremely wedding reference heavy, symbolic or cutesy. Not only is there something to please every personality, but they are completely customizable too!

I think this is so great – and if it were me – it could even tempt me to skip facebook altogether! I’m sure there are other sites just like this out there, but if this one has Martha’s vote they’ve gotta be good!

Real Simple to the rescue

I am an avid reader of Real Simple (note to self – I should probably invest in a subscription soon and save myself lots of money!) In the most recent issue, there was an article by husband & wife comedians Samantha Bee and Jason Jones titled “10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Divorceproof.” Now I’m not going to babble about my thoughts on divorce but I will say this – the article was very entertaining. It’s also hosted on the Real Simple site so check it out above.

Samantha and Jasons tips include:

1. Realize that if you can agree on what constitutes a clean room, you can agree on anything.

2. If you’re irritated by your partner, imagine him as a small child. (they claim this will immediately make you look at your partner as an adorable and appealing individual)

3. No fisticuffs in public

4. Marry someone with a backbone who appreciates that you possess one of your own. (“Yes, honey I will see the Transformers sequel on one of our precious and rare date nights. But on our next excursion, I get to choose a period piece featuring people in bonnets who churn their own butter.”)

5. Procrastinate (my personal favorite)

6. Have sex with each other

7. Accept that everybody needs alone time (“sometimes you can be kind of annoying you know”)

8. If you have to fight, WALK and fight (I actually thought this was a great idea)

9. Let your spouse in on 90% of your day-to-day routine (keep the mystery alive)

10. When you buy gifts for each other, give them at least a full minute of thought (“gifts that require someone to perform a household task don’t count as gifts”)

I thought this article was great. It was humorous and actually had some great advice! I find relationship dynamics to be so intriguing – and this article fulfilled my “learn something new everyday” quotient. Can’t beat that!