Opportunity of a lifetime

Today I was about 2 seconds away from dying (figuratively)…I almost got to meet David Tutera.

hello lovely

I not only love him, I want to be him. But let’s be honest – what would I have done when I was face to face with my gay husband. Especially dressed the way I was.

I got to go to a work event today totally last minute. I was just sitting there, making phone calls and ordering flowers when my boss remembered that she had this industry luncheon thing that she really didn’t want to go to. I quote “if I take you then I have a good excuse to leave early because nobody is at our office.” When I asked what it was she just said “oh its a follow-up lunch for an event for all the big industry people – you know (named a few companies) David Tutera, Sylvia Weinstock, Pablo, Jackie O” so casually. I literally spit out my sweet tea. The first thing that came out of my mouth? “I’m not dressed appropriately for David Tutera!” (how pathetic! I was in skinny jeans, cute loafers, a basic tee and a zebra scarf btw – not terrible but not the first impression I wanted to make).

Anyway, we showed up late – and it was technically a sit down meal – and I wasn’t technically invited – but there were 2 no shows so it turned out fine. David Tutera was one of those no shows (I have to use his full name because it just sounds that much cooler haha). BUMMER! I got to enjoy some wicked good food though, and meet some great people, and I got to see some GORGEOUS table settings (if only I could hope to be able to afford them one day), so all in all it was a decent 2 hours away from the office.

I’ll just have to keep dreaming of the day I can meet David Tutera himself.


Why I Love Weddings

I feel like weddings are a touchy subject – you love them or you hate them. They are either a ridiculous party (generally involving a significant amount of booze) or a snooze fest. At times I can be extremely critical of weddings and other significant events – hey I am a planner after all – but when it all comes down to it – I genuinely love weddings. It’s near obsession actually. And probably totally unhealthy.

1.    My secret romantic side craves it (be honest we all have one). Despite the divorce rate in America, weddings are such a happy, beautiful moment between two individuals. Everybody is there for them, to celebrate the union that the bride and groom are entering into and the relationship they share. I love this. Even scrooge can’t help but be moved by the emotion. In some way – I like to look at it as a little event of hope, even if it is only for a short while. If those two can get hitched – why can’t I?

2.     The partier in me loves it (who doesn’t love an excuse for open bar). Let’s be honest – most weddings are a kick ass party. Though I think some couples concentrate too much on the event and not the act (hello – you are getting MARRIED), still it is fun. Besides, if you’re hosting 100+ out of town guests – you are expected to show them a good time, and who doesn’t love a crazy party to break up the monotony of everyday life.

3.    My design side nearly dies (in a good way). As a self-proclaimed “creative” and truthfully a crafting nerd I love weddings. There are soooo many opportunities to add personal touches – paper projects, floral projects, room design; the list goes on and on. In my world it is heaven.

I know the average person does not share these sentiments, and I know I’m a little crazy, but I think deep down – everyone loves a wedding! Agree? Disagree?