I’ve always known it was you: Pt. 1

Remember those save the dates I showed ya’ll way back when? Well the wedding has come and gone and I never showed any planning details or recaps. Oy! Better late than never right?

This was not only a wedding I was planning, but also a wedding I was in.  Jaci is one of my oldest and closest friends and we have known each other for almost 20 years! Anyway, to refresh your memory this was a lovely spring wedding with a “whimsical modern garden” feel (or something to that effect). In case you forgot, this was the Save the Date that I designed.

I also had the honor to design the entire invitation suite for the wedding. Using the forsythia and the gray and yellow color scheme as inspiration we wanted the invitation to have a bit more of a traditional yet whimsical feel with the illustration, rather than the modern feel of the full color style used above. To help with this I once again enlisted the help of one of my graphic design friends Courtney O’Connell and we used this pretty number (with a few tweaks):

I made a few size options in both rectangular and square so that the bride could decide what route she wanted to go. Ultimately we decided upon rectangular as it was easier for both printing costs and mailing purposes. Initially, the plan was to go with a pocket fold invitation but again, costs and ease of mailing came into play and the decision was made to go with a twine wrapped stack.  This is what the whole suite looked like put together:

By happy accident the important titles (a.k.a. everything in black) actually printed with a slightly raised texture which I think added to the invitation significantly. The whole thing was finished off with a pearl silver envelope for the RSVP and the suite.

All in all I was pretty happy with the final product. I didn’t actually get to see anything printed until the full invitation arrived in the mail so it was a nice surprise! I would definitely recommend DIY’ing paper products for anyone worried about budget. With so many online sites to help with purchasing the envelopes, pockets, even pre-cut paper – it’s a breeze! (or you could always hire me! lol)

As great as all the paper parts are, I know what really matters is the wedding….so stay tuned for pt 2 with details, photos and more!!


Goodies, Goodies, Lots of Goodies

Ok so it’s been quite some time since the last post, so to makeup for it, i’m going to share lots of fun things with whoever it is that is reading my blog! 🙂

I had this week off and spent this past weekend visiting my sister. Basically this means tanning, lots of food, and shopping. All of the items linked below relate back to this weekend in some way or another – inspiration perhaps.

I took the opportunity of nice weather and a day to myself to tan. I love the beach so naturally I fell in love instantly with the below engagement shoot showcased on Junebug Weddings.

The next day consisted of lots of shopping. I was looking for new shoes. I am a sucker for flats – how cute are these custom made flats from etsy seller extraseed? Bride or Bridesmaid – you can definitely dance all night!

Barnes & Noble was also an important addition to the day. I love books and love to see them incorporated into events like centerpieces on style me pretty

and these DIY hardback books for pretty much anything from Elizabeth Anne Designs

And naturally, a shopping trip isn’t complete without some fashion purchases. Fashion, specifically Louis Vuitton, was a source of inspiration for this engagement shoot on 100 Layer Cake. How fun!

A final stop for the weekend was a hunt for Vera Bradley. I think with her latest lines Vera is on the way back in. You can’t help but love her for all things gift related, but I have specifically fallen in love with the below bag which will be arriving on my doorstep before long. The Ditty Bag is the perfect catch all for bridesmaids gifts, no?

And last but not least, not particularly related to the weekend, but my heart strings can’t help but pull from these adorable scratch off invitations from etsy seller unlesssomeonelikesyou.

Lots of things to drool over, at least I did. On another note, I start my new job tomorrow, so expect a lot from the world of events this week. Happy Monday!

Raise chin from floor…wipe drool off face

In my exhaustion at the end of the day, I never got around to a post yesterday (or Today I Love… Tuesday edition). To make up for it – I bring you lots of drool worthy items (hence the rather unappealing title; you know you love it!)

I have mentioned before that I am a blog fanatic. Scratch that – a wedding Blog fanatic. I have about 10 “must sees” coming into my Google reader every day and it is the ONLY non-work site I allow myself to look at during the day. As I have been feverishly trying to promote my blog, A.K.A. obnoxiously asking everyone I know “Hey, have you seen my blog,” a few people have told me about others I should be adding to my reader collection.

Today my sister brought this little lovely to my attention: Kristen Weaver Photography. If I’m not mistaken she went to college with Kristen, who is now a wedding and fashion photographer working out of Orlando, Florida. Quick back history: I have my degree in photojournalism and wedding photography was the one niche I was always too scared to try. There I said it. *whew* glad that’s out haha. My background in the field however has made me extremely critical as well as obsessed with wedding photography in general. Kristen is absolutely amazing. Her photographs are nothing but B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L (and no I’ve never met this girl in my life so she didn’t ask me promote her). Just to prove it to you – I give you a sneak peak:

This particular photo shoot was featured on Style Me Pretty – one of my daily reads. When I initially saw it (at the time not knowing who’s it was) I died. I absolutely loved all of the feminine details and the buckets of baby’s breath – which are so pretty if done right – not weed like (and I am anxiously awaiting the day I have a bride who wants to do this!). My favorite part is the acrylic table number from the first two images. SWOON!!!!! When I opened Kristen’s blog and saw this on the top post, I died again.

I don’t know how long Kristen’s business has been kickin but she appears to be on a great track. Looking through her site, she has been featured and published in numerous places, and rightly so. I just hope I will one day have as much success with my planning business as she does with her photography. I leave you with a few more eye goodies:

Thank you Amanda for continuing my blog obsession. Kristen – if ever you read this – keep up the beautiful work! (all photos courtesy of Kristen Weaver Photography)

…. and just to keep you around a bit longer (Sorry for the length). My second drool inducing event today was this:

Notepad anyone?

I walked into a co-workers office today and I think I may have squealed. This little pad of pretty was just hanging out on her desk. I love it! It’s just so cute and … I don’t know… perfect? The wedding planner side of my brain went nuts. My immediate thoughts went to bridesmaids gifts, programs, personalized stationary favors, you name it! It looked so simple to make and super easy to personalize. I have officially added this to my to do list. As soon as I get the chance I am going to make one. No I am going to make a hundred, and find reasons to gift them to everyone and anyone I know. Consider yourself warned. The end.