The cooky kind of fun

I know I source Style Me Pretty basically ALL the time, and I swear I will one day show you something else (ha), but this I just could not pass up!!!!!! I love quirky people. I love quirky passions. I love quirky weddings. The following event is the golden trifecta! Ben and Amanda got married on a lake in Michigan in July. It’s splendid. Check this out:

You’re probably thinking, Leah this isn’t quirky. It’s a summer wedding. There are mason jars. White flowers and wooden signs. This is pretty standard. Just you wait….

Um HI!!!!!! Did you see the wakeboarding couple?!?! I LOVE IT!! Style me pretty also links to a fantastic video of their wedding done by Epic Motion. It has some great clips of the couple on the skis with their entire bridal party in the tow boat.  If I was a skilled and seasoned blogger (I’m getting there), I would embed it into my post, but hey I’m working on it. Check it out yourself here: Amanda and Ben. Do It.


Military Men

In honor of Veterans day Southern Weddings (one of my favorites) posted a proposal story from a military couple that was just the cutest thing ever. Think a dozen men in dress uniform accompanied with a dozen roses and a Washington D.C. scavenger hunt.

Basically the fiance surprised his gf by having one of his military friends deliver a single red rose (in dress uniform of course) to her at their house. This rose then led her to the next rose/military man where she had to complete a task to find the third, so on and so forth until she reached a dozen and her soon to be fiance. You can read the whole story on the link above. To top it all off he had a photographer friend follow her around to catch the whole thing on film! All photos below courtesy of Michelle Cross via Southern Weddings.

Personally I think the physical test were a little much, but the relationship trivia and puzzles are so cute! I also thought this was such a great way to highlight the city their relationship is based in. Swoon.

Swallowed up in Satin

This week has been one of those filled with the “man I wish…” thoughts. Why? Because it is the close of Bridal Market 2010. What is that? Only the New York Fashion Week of the wedding world! Bridal Market is when all of next seasons designs from some of the largest bridal designers are released/showcased. Each designer hosts a fashion show in NY, and the who’s who of the wedding market (salon buyers, bloggers, magazine editors, etc) are invited.

Since I will not be attending anywhere in the distant future, I have been blog-stocking to see some of the designs of 2011. Warning there are  LOT of photos to follow! My current faves include:

Adele Wechsler


love the bottom of this dress!

the criss-cross ribbon on the bodice is beautiful - not to mention the subtle pattern!

love the color. love the pockets. love the straps. love

Alisa Benay

a searsucker wedding dress!!!!


(I had to hold myself back – I am legitimately obsessed)

simple straps and a subtle pattern

feminine but not too much

apparently I’m into the subtle patterns this year. Just realizing that! ha!

Anne Bowen

reception dress with a hood - heyo!

a little bit of pop


tulle just makes me smile

again the pockets. I love the one shoulder. Still undecided on the hem.


polka dots. even if everyone else is a hater


(some love for the bridesmaids)


swooning over the ombre!!!

don't usually like long - but I'm feeling this print

Ines De Santo


reminds me slightly of fireworks

bling. but not BLING!

Monique Lhuillier


I can't get over this neckline

or these sleeves

Pnina Tornai

(usually not a fan but she stole my heart this season)


Feeling the feathers on the shoulder

beautiful silhouette!

reminiscent of napkins but in a weird way I like it

Priscilla of Boston


ceremony to reception like it ain't no thing!

Ramona Keveza


I don't have the balls to wear this color - but I like how different it is

it's like she's floating

Reem Akra


ignoring the headpiece, I melt



movement without moving
LOVING the two-toned bridesmaids dress. Can’t. get. enough.
a little something something for a snazzy mama
a little bit of spunk and totally party ready

whew!!! now that the slide show is over! 🙂 For serious though, I am a little dress obsessed, but rightfully so. Your wedding dress is one of the few things you will take with you from your event forever. I don’t mean the literal – it will sit in your closet and rot way – I mean that this is what you will be staring at in photographs for your entire life. You want to make sure you look banging!

Not to mention, I whole heartedly believe that your dress makes the event. That’s right I said it. I think the dress should be the first purchase, because it totally sets the entire tone and theme of the wedding. Huge ballgown on the beach in summer? You’re not only going to need a TON of deoderant – you’re probably going to look out of place. Same goes for a tiny sheath dress in a huge cathedral or castle. Just doesn’t work. So yes – the dress is the (next) to main event – after the getting hitched part that is.

It needs to be done right. Bridal Market 2010 did no wrong.

A Little Bit of Whimsy, A Little Bit of Fun

Truth: I am obsessed with puzzles! Especially crosswords and jigsaw puzzles. (There’s even a book of crosswords in my bathroom. Yes I said it.) I would take a gander that with the rampant spread of “Words with Friends” iPhone app most of America is probably obsessed with puzzles as well (of the Scrabble variety).

So – with all this puzzle love, why not add some to your wedding. That’s right – a wedding. Confused – take in some of these lovelies:

“Random tiles?” you say to yourself… wait there’s more…

The RSVP card also splits into jigsaw pieces – one you return with your RSVP, and one you keep so you know all the important information. LOVE!!

And there’s more from this fun wedding.. jigsaw puzzle seating cards

Each guest has their own piece – directing them to their seating location.

Together, the pieces at the table form a funky picture of the couple (I’ve also seen them form the menus, or a story about the couple – the engagement for instance).

But wait, these fun puzzle pieces also serve one more function…

The puzzle photos are then matted and signed by guests to make a wonderful art piece for their home. Who needs a guestbook when you have this?!

Not a jigsaw fan? How about some scrabble:

Table letters and place cards. Simple – but still a statement.

Obviously – I love this. It’s such a unique way to showcase some personality. Now that I have sufficiently given away one of my personal wedding must haves (note to all those whose weddings I might attend – you’ve been warned 😉 ha) Anyone else ever seen quirky little details such as this?

*all jigsaw puzzle pics courtesy of Elizabeth Anne Designs. Scrabble from Project Wedding

Today I Love…

The Test Color Quiz.

One of the many blogs, How About Orange, posted this a while ago but it got lost in the commotion of my google reader. I finally rediscovered it today and OMG! HOW AMAZING! (click image below to try it out)

Naturally the psychology side of me loves all things personality, so I really get a kick out of this. Basically, you pick the colors you like then the ones you don’t and it spits out a personality profile about it. It was spot on. These are some of the things it said about me:

  • you are a creative person, with always new ideas, and you know how to apply them.
  • You are intellectual and intelligent, you wonder and you inquire before taking any action and setting your values.
  • you are thoughtful and deep, you think before getting into action and you know how to communicate your knowledge.
  • you are creative, you know how to see beauty, you are intuitive and your inspiration comes from the inside.
  • you are a manager and a structured person, you know how to take into account the needs of each person while leading them to the fixed goals.
  • Finally, you are a manager and a leader, and you know how to organize groups of people and how to give them your energy, you are attuned to others and you show a good emotional intelligence, which allow you to give support to people.

It also said in relation to understanding my environment, I am more emotionally related. I rely on my inspiration for influence more so than social ties; my decision making is motivated by my inner conviction, and my actions/behaviors are determined by my sensibility and that of my partner

How fun! I love these things. I think this bodes well for my future endeavors. If anyone decides to try it I am interested to see what your results are: Leave some comments!