Story of Jess & Russ

Today started off as a gloomy, tiresome Wednesday but thanks to a good friend I was quickly cheered up by a link she sent my way – an online story of a super cute couple’s relationship. I love a good emotional proposal story and this one does not disappoint. Jess is a graphic designer that some of you may be familiar with ¬†thanks to her Daily Drop Cap blog where she posts a new initial cap every day. I have been (sporadically) following this for a while because let’s be honest, I just love pretty typefaces.

Anyway, a website outlining their relationship was put together with all of its cute, emotional, design glory and you just need to check it out! All of the little snippets are filled with illustrations from friends, links to videos, photos and other details that help tell their story. Together these details act as their wedding invitation complete with RSVP envelope at the bottom. If it doesn’t put a smile on your face – well then I think there may be something wrong with you! ūüôā ¬†So without further ado – enjoy! (and happy Hump Day!)

(the story of Jess and Russ)


I Think I Wanna Marry You

First things first…I love big gestures, surprises, generally anything that took thought or effort. This applies to almost any situation. It most definitely applies to proposals. I think my obsession love with this idea is also because I happen to think I am personally very difficult to surprise. But I digress….

Today as I was checking my email a sidebar flashed a news story from the Huffington Post about a flash mob proposal at Downtown Disney in Orlando, FL. I thought that sounded pretty cool so I figured I would click over to the page and check it out. Ironically enough, I am not typically a fan of large, in public displays but this proposal I found today had me eating my words.

Jamin arranged a flash mob dance to the tune of Bruno Mars’ “I Think I Wanna Marry You” to surprise his girlfriend of over 5 years. Now I love me some Bruno (best Glee episode ever?) and I can’t help but smile every time I hear that song – but this one put me over the edge. Watching this video… I had chills. And I cried. Like a little girl. Multiple times. Actually I played it three times in a row and clicked around you tube to find other versions of it from onlookers. It was just that good. ¬†I even felt my heart start racing when the footage in the insert showed Jamin getting nervous before he jumped in. I know…I’m crazy…but this was amazing. See for your self:

Any fellas looking to take the next step – take note. This one is a winner. I’m going to go hit play again…one more time can’t hurt right?

Military Men

In honor of Veterans day Southern Weddings (one of my favorites) posted a proposal story from a military couple that was just the cutest thing ever. Think a dozen men in dress uniform accompanied with a dozen roses and a Washington D.C. scavenger hunt.

Basically the fiance surprised his gf by having one of his military friends deliver a single red rose (in dress uniform of course) to her at their house. This rose then led her to the next rose/military man where she had to complete a task to find the third, so on and so forth until she reached a dozen and her soon to be fiance. You can read the whole story on the link above. To top it all off he had a photographer friend follow her around to catch the whole thing on film! All photos below courtesy of Michelle Cross via Southern Weddings.

Personally I think the physical test were a little much, but the relationship trivia and puzzles are so cute! I also thought this was such a great way to highlight the city their relationship is based in. Swoon.