My Heart Goes Pitter Patter

Today is the day of extraordinary proposals, fitting since “proposal season” has recently wrapped up. (Proposal season in case you’re wondering coincides conveniently with holiday season/beginning of spring,  falling right before wedding season in the summer!)

Style Me Pretty once again delivered a doozy with this graphic letterpress proposal story:

If you do nothing else today PLEASE go check out the full story on their site here. Here’s the essential rundown though – the groom to be surprised the bride with an full suite of letterpressed “clues” inviting her to pack her bags (she had an hour), fly to meet him where he proposed, surprised her with a house, and then together they flew to Rome for a quick vacay. The paper goods in this extravaganza are absolutely stunning!! Makes my designer heart swoon. The actual proposal is so grand it makes me gawk that people with this amount of thoughtfulness and romance still exist! Make me hold on to some hope…. go read it. Now.

The second unbelievable proposal of the day is this movie inspired proposal which comes to me courtesy of you tube:
It seriously is unbelievable the lengths some people go to.  The couple also features the story on their website. This is the first thing I saw upon arriving to work tody and let’s jsut say I started my day off slightly emotional! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!