Story of Jess & Russ

Today started off as a gloomy, tiresome Wednesday but thanks to a good friend I was quickly cheered up by a link she sent my way – an online story of a super cute couple’s relationship. I love a good emotional proposal story and this one does not disappoint. Jess is a graphic designer that some of you may be familiar with  thanks to her Daily Drop Cap blog where she posts a new initial cap every day. I have been (sporadically) following this for a while because let’s be honest, I just love pretty typefaces.

Anyway, a website outlining their relationship was put together with all of its cute, emotional, design glory and you just need to check it out! All of the little snippets are filled with illustrations from friends, links to videos, photos and other details that help tell their story. Together these details act as their wedding invitation complete with RSVP envelope at the bottom. If it doesn’t put a smile on your face – well then I think there may be something wrong with you! 🙂  So without further ado – enjoy! (and happy Hump Day!)

(the story of Jess and Russ)


(Almost) Famous

I had a bit of a meltdown this Holiday weekend – but don’t worry it was a good one. Actually, that’s the understatement of the year, it was a fabulous meltdown!! How is a meltdown fabulous you ask? When your name appears on one of the biggest wedding websites ever thats how!! I know I’ve already shown video clips of my April wedding at Villa Woodbine, but now you get to see more of it. Style Me Pretty (we all know how much I love and adore them) just featured Amanda and Joe’s wedding as one of their Florida spotlights yesterday. Check it out (and my cred at the bottom EEEK!!!).

photo by Michelle Turner Photography

I am beyond thrilled but talk about pressure! Let’s hope there are many more instances to come. I’m going to go continue my freak out now….

(sidenote…the company I work for, Parrish Designs, was also featured on Style Me Pretty a few times this week. Here and Here. They were also the beauty behind Amanda’s florals. It’s a great week for everyone!!)

Every penny counts

I found this link on one of my regular blog reads today (shocker!), and I was really excited I’m not going to lie.

“Cost of Wedding”: here has used industry surveys, bride surveys, and just general regional information to calculate the average cost of a wedding based on your regional zip code.

Cool right? According to Cost of Wedding – on average, US couples spend $19,581 for their wedding. However, the majority of couples spend between $14,686 and $24,476. This does not include cost for a honeymoon or engagement ring.

Interested to see what the site had to say about Miami I hopped right on. I then proceeded to laugh. I know everybody has different budgets and circumstances when it comes to their wedding. I’ve worked with a lot of brides who have very low budgets, and I have seen brides come through my office with astronomical budgets – the kind that make you ask where they came from. I suppose these two extremes could balance each other out, but I was anticipating a pretty high average. I was shocked to see that the average cost for Miami was….

between $14,906 and $24,843

I’m sorry come again? They do caution that if you select well-experienced professionals, designer labels, popular venues, etc etc. you can expect to pay anywhere from 50-100% higher (uh yea).

Despite the flaws in calculation for Miami, (I tested it out with other areas, including my hometown, friend’s hometowns, etc and they were all a bit more on par) the site is pretty cool. It will break down the average costs for each area: accessories, florals, entertainment, invites, what have you – and I thought it was pretty helpful to see a comparison of the average per item.

A rose by any other name…

One of the biggest headaches (for some) involving a wedding and marriage in general is the paperwork associated after the fact. Social Security, Drivers License, payroll, medical papers, etc etc. Well fear no more!

I stumbled across this company today and I am intrigued..

Miss now Mrs

For a small fee and site membership, this company offers to do all of the leg work for you, completing the necessary paperwork associated with legally changing your name. While I couldn’t do very extensive research on the site (As I am not changing my name anytime soon, making an account to see the in-and-outs is not possible), they seem pretty legit. Not only are they BBB affiliated and members of numerous wedding professionals associations, they have also gotten a lot of press.

For $30 bucks I would say it is well worth it.

And on a totally different note – the professional photos from the Ospina-Rivera wedding are en route to my mailbox, I am excited to see them as well as share the beautiful work of Sakura Photo with my readers (whichever readers exist that is 🙂 )

Also, I promise for a more exciting post tomorrow.

For the special ladies

I totally can’t take credit for this one – but one of my brides showed me the CUTEST website today. Obviously, it is quite common for couples to make a wedding website for themselves. It is easier on the guests to gather all of the necessary information: hotels, activities, registry, etc, but wedding websites even make it easier on the couple these days – with online RSVP’s and even online invitations.

This kind of site however – is a new one for me (am I behind the times? who knows). Sara, the bride I speak of, created a blog just for her wedding party. Not only does she showcase the lovely ladies with a brief description of how she knows the girls, but she has also provided a convenient location for them to acquire all of the information they need: i.e. attire, weekend schedule, event details. The best part – the password protected page that gives a sneak peak at her dress (sorry no looking!). Someone needs to show me that trick by the way. Anyway, enough babbling, click the pic and take a look for yourself.

Also, Sara has a great photography blog, which I have linked above. If you like photography as much as I do – which is obviously a lot – you should check it out. Her work is beautiful.