Today I Love…Spring Flowers

Spring is by far my favorite flower season…isn’t it everyone’s? Unfortunately, South Florida heat keeps the beautiful blooms away. We were lucky enough to get some gems in the studio this week. I will never say no to a Dahlia! Be still my heart.



Today I Love… place setting

I stumbled across this image on a calligraphy blog I follow and instantly fell in love. The bright punch of pink against the soft blues of the linen combined with the natural linen tie and hand written names are just lovely.


via Lauren Saylor and A Fabuous Fete

Today I Love… {7.22}

I have a strange relationship with bugs. Most of them freak me out, but some of them I find absolutely beautiful. I’ve always wanted a stunning butterfly or beetle to frame and hang on my wall, and thus these textile sculptures are just calling my name…




These are fabric textile sculptures of moths and butterflies created by Yumi Okita on the etsy shop Iro hand bags. While their shop is currently on vacation, I will just have to stare lovingly at their creations and wait my turn to snag one of these beauties.

Today I Love…{New York}

My mind is in vacation mode (even though a summer vacay is off the itinerary for me this year), which means I can’t help longing for my second love New York City. This feel good time lapse video calms even the toughest of withdrawls…

<p><a href=”″>Metropolis – A New York City Timelapse</a> from <a href=””>Will Boisture</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Thanks Will Boisture for my end of the week pick me up 🙂

It’s Like It Was Made for Me…Today I Love…

To feed my addiction

In case you weren’t aware – I have a serious soda addiction. Coca- Cola to be specific. Today I love, no I am crushing on… this Urban Outfitters glass.

Other current crushes from Urban… awesome owl umbrella stand, lace inspired acid etched letters, and so cute puzzle pillowcases (naturally). Although I will say, the umbrella stand has a hot competitor in this – but zGallerie is another can of worms altogether.

You can tell I was bored at work today, but hey Christmas is (almost) right around the corner.

Ok. I’m done now.

Today I Love…lazy edition

So, I fully admit to the fact that I have been extremely lazy with my daily posts. Let’s just say it has been a weird week. Following that lazy fashion, I have had a very lazy day, accompanied by lazy ready.

With that said – Today I Love… Sophie Kinsella books (specifically my most recent read… Shopaholic & Baby)

My guilty pleasure. The movie sucked, but the books rock. “Shopaholic & Baby” is the perfect book squeezed right between “The Tipping Point,” “The Westing Game” and “Wuthering Heights.”Also on my “read soon” list is the Agatha Christie Autobiography.

I would recommend all, by the way.