Story of Jess & Russ

Today started off as a gloomy, tiresome Wednesday but thanks to a good friend I was quickly cheered up by a link she sent my way – an online story of a super cute couple’s relationship. I love a good emotional proposal story and this one does not disappoint. Jess is a graphic designer that some of you may be familiar with  thanks to her Daily Drop Cap blog where she posts a new initial cap every day. I have been (sporadically) following this for a while because let’s be honest, I just love pretty typefaces.

Anyway, a website outlining their relationship was put together with all of its cute, emotional, design glory and you just need to check it out! All of the little snippets are filled with illustrations from friends, links to videos, photos and other details that help tell their story. Together these details act as their wedding invitation complete with RSVP envelope at the bottom. If it doesn’t put a smile on your face – well then I think there may be something wrong with you! 🙂  So without further ado – enjoy! (and happy Hump Day!)

(the story of Jess and Russ)


Today I Love…{New York}

My mind is in vacation mode (even though a summer vacay is off the itinerary for me this year), which means I can’t help longing for my second love New York City. This feel good time lapse video calms even the toughest of withdrawls…

<p><a href=”″>Metropolis – A New York City Timelapse</a> from <a href=””>Will Boisture</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Thanks Will Boisture for my end of the week pick me up 🙂

If we can make it here…we’ll make it anywhere.

I heard an interesting statistic on the radio today:

659 marriage licenses were issued on Sunday in New York. That same day 484 couples were married in New York. Why is this important? Because these are the stats following the vote to legalize gay marriage in the state. These numbers are pretty impressive, and it makes me happy. This article throws a few more equally amazing ones out there:

By The Numbers


On a similar note, I had a close friend tell me today that they wish I can help plan their same sex ceremony. I just hope I get the chance! Now, if the rest of the country could just get on board….

(and yes I realize this is a touchy subject for most and that I personally am a supporter, but please, no matter your opinion… no hateful comments – only love!)


Do you feel like Miranda or Steve…

aka, how I spent my New York City vacation living out fictitious city scenes. Since some of these excursions reminded me of romantic comedies, I thought hey, why not tell the blog world. This vacation was trip number four to the city for me, so I tried to avoid doing too many touristy items (with the exception of dragging some local friends to the Empire State Building. Thanks guys!!!)

First on the list was a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, with a dramatic meeting ala Sex in the City (thus the title), sans affectionate making out.


This was something I have never done and always wanted to, and lucky for me my bff was in the same situation. The original plan was to meet up with a sorority sister from college and do the trip together, but due to timing and the need for adventure we decided meeting in the middle would be more fun. I hadn’t seen my friend since college graduation so I figured some decent dramatics were at least a possibility (and yes… it was just like in the movies, almost). For the record, I decided I felt like Steve. Don’t ask me why – split second decision.

The walk was actually pretty amazing. So cool, we decided to do it twice (rather than be lazy and take the subway back. Not to mention I had to walk off all the delicious NY treats I was eating…sausage calzone you rocked my world!) We also wandered through the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, which is apparently the up and coming “gritty,” art district on that side of the city. I like it. We also made a quick pit stop at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, where I had a delicious milkshake and of course a glass bottle coke. The views of the city couldn’t be beat, though if I did it again I would trek back to Manhattan via the Manhattan bridge to get pics of the Brooklyn from afar. One of the reasons we took the same walk back was to hit up a t-shirt vendor on the Manhattan side that I passed up on the first lap, who ended up not being there the second time around. Poor decision. To anyone in NY – if you see the guy selling the bridge silhouette t-shirts, snatch that shit for me! I really should have pulled the trigger on that one.

Next on the New York Moments experience was none other than the Empire State Building. Chuck or Blair? I felt like Blair, slight disappointment without the suicidal depression after. Chuck, with you and those peonies, I would have been on time….


Ed Westwick, you and your sexy British accent make my heart melt. In all seriousness though, the ESB was pretty cool. Sidenote – did you know that the ESB hosts wedding every February 14th in partnership with The Knot. Talk about some great ceremony picture ops! We went up pretty late at night (who knew the observatory was open till 2 AM!) which was a wise decision because a. the crowds were significantly less (they’ve got that on lock – like Disney – fast pass line and everything) and b. the view at night was pretty incredible. I actually think I could be completely happy in life never seeing that view from the daytime, but hey, never say never. The slight disappointment only comes in with regards to the photography – I had an art brain fart and didn’t bring a tripod. Whoopsie. Oh well. Tourist shot and go:

My favorite NY Moment this week though came in the form of fashion. A good friend/old roommate accompanied me to the Alexander McQueen “Savage Beauty” exhibit at the Met. Two words: absolutely incredible!!!!! Unfortunately, I don’t know much about the personal history of McQueen but I know his work is exquisite. Apparently, so does the rest of the world. The museum was packed, the lines were long (even for a Friday afternoon), but so worth it! I would also bet that the popularity of the show may have something to do with the fact that the McQueen camp was responsible for the most talked about fashion piece of the year – Kate’s dress. Here’s a quick refresher:


Anyway, we spent a significant amount of time drooling over the pieces – seriously the craftsmanship is extraordinary!!!! Gaga, I am shocked to admit I am jealous of your closet. Lucky bitch. The exhibit was supposed to be followed by drinks on the roof of the museum, but alas it was raining, so Hell’s Kitchen had to suffice. If I was sly I would have snuck pictures of the dresses to post – but that’s what Google is for…



I highly recommend anyone who will be in the NY vicinity before the show ends (I think end of July) to go. It will be worth it! If you happen to be lucky enough to be in London this summer you can go see Kate’s dress on display at Buckingham Palace through October.

My week in New York came to a close with a real life romantic moment: an engagement party for a good friend and her “bethrothed” (what a fun word to say, lol). They picked a really chill venue in the East Village and we all enjoyed happy hour and celebrated the overly cute couple (love you guys!). The tears were already starting from all in attendance…let’s just say it’s going to be an emotional wedding! 🙂 It was actually a total fluke that my travel plans coincided with the party so it was a nice surprise and a wonderful note to end on!

Swallowed up in Satin

This week has been one of those filled with the “man I wish…” thoughts. Why? Because it is the close of Bridal Market 2010. What is that? Only the New York Fashion Week of the wedding world! Bridal Market is when all of next seasons designs from some of the largest bridal designers are released/showcased. Each designer hosts a fashion show in NY, and the who’s who of the wedding market (salon buyers, bloggers, magazine editors, etc) are invited.

Since I will not be attending anywhere in the distant future, I have been blog-stocking to see some of the designs of 2011. Warning there are  LOT of photos to follow! My current faves include:

Adele Wechsler


love the bottom of this dress!

the criss-cross ribbon on the bodice is beautiful - not to mention the subtle pattern!

love the color. love the pockets. love the straps. love

Alisa Benay

a searsucker wedding dress!!!!


(I had to hold myself back – I am legitimately obsessed)

simple straps and a subtle pattern

feminine but not too much

apparently I’m into the subtle patterns this year. Just realizing that! ha!

Anne Bowen

reception dress with a hood - heyo!

a little bit of pop


tulle just makes me smile

again the pockets. I love the one shoulder. Still undecided on the hem.


polka dots. even if everyone else is a hater


(some love for the bridesmaids)


swooning over the ombre!!!

don't usually like long - but I'm feeling this print

Ines De Santo


reminds me slightly of fireworks

bling. but not BLING!

Monique Lhuillier


I can't get over this neckline

or these sleeves

Pnina Tornai

(usually not a fan but she stole my heart this season)


Feeling the feathers on the shoulder

beautiful silhouette!

reminiscent of napkins but in a weird way I like it

Priscilla of Boston


ceremony to reception like it ain't no thing!

Ramona Keveza


I don't have the balls to wear this color - but I like how different it is

it's like she's floating

Reem Akra


ignoring the headpiece, I melt



movement without moving
LOVING the two-toned bridesmaids dress. Can’t. get. enough.
a little something something for a snazzy mama
a little bit of spunk and totally party ready

whew!!! now that the slide show is over! 🙂 For serious though, I am a little dress obsessed, but rightfully so. Your wedding dress is one of the few things you will take with you from your event forever. I don’t mean the literal – it will sit in your closet and rot way – I mean that this is what you will be staring at in photographs for your entire life. You want to make sure you look banging!

Not to mention, I whole heartedly believe that your dress makes the event. That’s right I said it. I think the dress should be the first purchase, because it totally sets the entire tone and theme of the wedding. Huge ballgown on the beach in summer? You’re not only going to need a TON of deoderant – you’re probably going to look out of place. Same goes for a tiny sheath dress in a huge cathedral or castle. Just doesn’t work. So yes – the dress is the (next) to main event – after the getting hitched part that is.

It needs to be done right. Bridal Market 2010 did no wrong.

If I Had a Million Dollars…

A wedding is certainly a worthy recipient for spending. The Clinton’s would agree. There has been a lot of buzz lately about this weekend’s biggest event – the Clinton- Mezvinsky wedding in Rhinebeck, NY. The multi-demoninational (Marc is Jewish – Chelsea is Christian) ceremony took place at the Astor Mansion with about 500+ guests in attendance. The guests were left in the dark about the exact location until the event arrived – told only to be within driving distance of NYC (according to ABC News that is).

Rumors stated that wedding cost $2-5 million dollars. Just for some perspective, at $2 million, the event cost 100x the national average of American weddings. I’m going to take a stab that the wedding actually cost on the lower end of the estimate, but either way you look at it’s freakin expensive. I was immediately interested in knowing where that money went. None of this is confirmed, but we’ll run with the rumor mill just for the fun of it.

Reception Space: up to $200,000

Catering: Rumored to be catered from three different restaurants – averaging $1500 a plate

Music: Jimmy Vali, $40,000 or so

Florist: Jeff Leatham from Paris (there was a brief TLC show about him about a year ago)

Wedding Dress: Vera Want $15000.

Mother of the bride dress: Oscar de la Renta

Planner: $175,000 (I can’t imagine making that much!)

Invites: Rumored anywhere from $35-50,000

Security: Rumored from $30,000-$200,000. Secret Service was obviously involved – and they also purchased the “no fly zone” above the event area

According to some of the news sources, residents in Rhinebeck who were directly affected by the Wedding (like the ones who lived on the shut down roads) were given wine baskets as appreciation gifts. I can only imagine the delicious wine in those gifts!

Official Details of the wedding are not being released, but I’m sure it was an amazing and wonderful event. Here are some images of what was released:

Source: Huffington Post and ABC News

In my opinion, Chelsea looked amazing. Hillary didn’t look too bad herself (check out pictures of the rehearsal dinner outfit – hello Hillary!).  While your at it… check out Jeff Leathem’s site if you wan’t to drool a bit – I know I do. Though I may never have a chance to work on a wedding even half this scale, it sure is nice to dream.