Was it always like this?

Between my recent post on bridal party expenses, which you can read here,  and some conversations I’ve shared with others, I’ve been thinking a lot about the state of the wedding world these days (bear with me, this might get a little all over the place).  How did it get so trendy?!?! 

It’s common to hear brides say that “they have been planning their weddings since they were little girls.”  This may have consisted of ripping a few pictures from magazines or dreaming up a vision of the big white princess gown in their head, but I’d say, arguably, that for the most part little girls’ plans were mostly that, a vision. Typically, if you wanted to immerse yourself in wedding details you had to seek it out, buying magazines from the bookstore, visiting vendors, etc. The wedding industry was very much a tight niche that only the betrothed could access.

Fast forward to 2011 and the world of social media, and what do you have? In your face weddings.  Suddenly, we see weddings everywhere: on TV, in mainstream magazines, on every blog imaginable. We’re watching couples get a complete dream wedding makeover a week before they say I do, flipping channels to the screaming bridezilla having a meltdown like that’s standard and not even batting an eyelash while parents drop thousands of dollars in a swanky bridal salon for a dress their daughter will wear once. Some could even argue it’s become the trendy way to throw a party what with the Kardashian debacle, but that’s another story (check out this interesting graphic). My point is, it’s not just a life milestone anymore, its a social milestone and an outlet for entertainment from the media. Brides (and sometimes grooms) now have every detail of their wedding figured out before they even find their significant other. Thank you Pinterest.

More shockingly, I think this wedding boom is evident in the everyday bride planning her own personal wedding. Couples are willing to spend extravagant amounts on this single party because that’s how wedding’s work. I see clients all the time who have what we affectionately refer to as “champagne tastes on a beer budget.” They want it all, lighting, crystals, big floral arrangements, fancy lounge furniture, designer gowns, letterpress invites you name it. Often times they don’t even realize how much money these things actually cost.

It seems like with the wedding world in everybody’s face it’s not uncommon to see couples who are simply trying to “one-up” their friends and relatives all to prove that they can have the most over the top wedding of the year. It’s become a competition to see who can throw the best party of them all. Maybe this is the way it always has been, or maybe it’s just a testament to my upbringing, but I feel like weddings just used to be simpler. The wedding has always been referred to as the most important day of your life, so naturally brides wanted to make it special and go all out, but I think this remained on a very personal level between the bride, the groom, and the family. Maybe it was always over the top and I was just sheltered, or maybe it really has become trendy on a whole new level.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fabulous industry to be in. I love what I do. I love the clients I work with (even the crazies). I love doing whatever it takes to make that day as spectacular as it can be for my couples.  I too love staring at the pretty pictures of lace and tulle and flowers on my pin boards and gawking at the ridiculous shows. I might not have had visions when I was younger but I sure have inspiration tucked away now. At the end of the day though, I just have to chuckle. When did weddings become mainstream and how did that happen? Who decided that this would be the next industry boom? Man were they right!

And for their sake I hope they are making a lot of money!



Sad to see you go

It’s a sad day in the wedding world, well at least in my wedding world. News hit this morning that after 65 years of operation the popular bridal salon Priscilla of Boston will be shutting down their doors. (feel free to read more about it here, here, or on their site) Priscilla of Boston, along with owning numerous sister companies (Melissa Sweet, Vineyard among them) is also part of the David’s Bridal franchise. According to multiple reports, the company is re focusing their efforts on David’s Bridal.

I am and always have been a huge fan of the Priscilla of Boston style. Not that I would be walking towards the aisle anytime in the near future, but if I were hypothetically getting married tomorrow, a Priscilla gown would probably be a hot contender. I will certainly miss seeing their beautiful storefront on the Mile as well. Just for nostalgia sake before they are lost and gone forever, here’s a quick browse of some of my PoB favorites (all images from their site):


So needless to say, it is a sad day indeed and an end of an era. Priscilla you will be missed. At least we can hopefully expect some wicked sample sales out of this?

Swallowed up in Satin

This week has been one of those filled with the “man I wish…” thoughts. Why? Because it is the close of Bridal Market 2010. What is that? Only the New York Fashion Week of the wedding world! Bridal Market is when all of next seasons designs from some of the largest bridal designers are released/showcased. Each designer hosts a fashion show in NY, and the who’s who of the wedding market (salon buyers, bloggers, magazine editors, etc) are invited.

Since I will not be attending anywhere in the distant future, I have been blog-stocking to see some of the designs of 2011. Warning there are  LOT of photos to follow! My current faves include:

Adele Wechsler


love the bottom of this dress!

the criss-cross ribbon on the bodice is beautiful - not to mention the subtle pattern!

love the color. love the pockets. love the straps. love

Alisa Benay

a searsucker wedding dress!!!!


(I had to hold myself back – I am legitimately obsessed)

simple straps and a subtle pattern

feminine but not too much

apparently I’m into the subtle patterns this year. Just realizing that! ha!

Anne Bowen

reception dress with a hood - heyo!

a little bit of pop


tulle just makes me smile

again the pockets. I love the one shoulder. Still undecided on the hem.


polka dots. even if everyone else is a hater


(some love for the bridesmaids)


swooning over the ombre!!!

don't usually like long - but I'm feeling this print

Ines De Santo


reminds me slightly of fireworks

bling. but not BLING!

Monique Lhuillier


I can't get over this neckline

or these sleeves

Pnina Tornai

(usually not a fan but she stole my heart this season)


Feeling the feathers on the shoulder

beautiful silhouette!

reminiscent of napkins but in a weird way I like it

Priscilla of Boston


ceremony to reception like it ain't no thing!

Ramona Keveza


I don't have the balls to wear this color - but I like how different it is

it's like she's floating

Reem Akra


ignoring the headpiece, I melt



movement without moving
LOVING the two-toned bridesmaids dress. Can’t. get. enough.
a little something something for a snazzy mama
a little bit of spunk and totally party ready

whew!!! now that the slide show is over! 🙂 For serious though, I am a little dress obsessed, but rightfully so. Your wedding dress is one of the few things you will take with you from your event forever. I don’t mean the literal – it will sit in your closet and rot way – I mean that this is what you will be staring at in photographs for your entire life. You want to make sure you look banging!

Not to mention, I whole heartedly believe that your dress makes the event. That’s right I said it. I think the dress should be the first purchase, because it totally sets the entire tone and theme of the wedding. Huge ballgown on the beach in summer? You’re not only going to need a TON of deoderant – you’re probably going to look out of place. Same goes for a tiny sheath dress in a huge cathedral or castle. Just doesn’t work. So yes – the dress is the (next) to main event – after the getting hitched part that is.

It needs to be done right. Bridal Market 2010 did no wrong.

Opportunity of a lifetime

Today I was about 2 seconds away from dying (figuratively)…I almost got to meet David Tutera.

hello lovely

I not only love him, I want to be him. But let’s be honest – what would I have done when I was face to face with my gay husband. Especially dressed the way I was.

I got to go to a work event today totally last minute. I was just sitting there, making phone calls and ordering flowers when my boss remembered that she had this industry luncheon thing that she really didn’t want to go to. I quote “if I take you then I have a good excuse to leave early because nobody is at our office.” When I asked what it was she just said “oh its a follow-up lunch for an event for all the big industry people – you know (named a few companies) David Tutera, Sylvia Weinstock, Pablo, Jackie O” so casually. I literally spit out my sweet tea. The first thing that came out of my mouth? “I’m not dressed appropriately for David Tutera!” (how pathetic! I was in skinny jeans, cute loafers, a basic tee and a zebra scarf btw – not terrible but not the first impression I wanted to make).

Anyway, we showed up late – and it was technically a sit down meal – and I wasn’t technically invited – but there were 2 no shows so it turned out fine. David Tutera was one of those no shows (I have to use his full name because it just sounds that much cooler haha). BUMMER! I got to enjoy some wicked good food though, and meet some great people, and I got to see some GORGEOUS table settings (if only I could hope to be able to afford them one day), so all in all it was a decent 2 hours away from the office.

I’ll just have to keep dreaming of the day I can meet David Tutera himself.

The lightbulb looks good on you…

It is a week of big things!!! For starters, I was offered in a new job in the industry of my dreams (more on that in a minute), I quit my current job after only 6 months of employment (eek), and I finally had an epiphany and decided on the name of my company. YAY!

Obviously, I’m in to weddings and planning them and all things related. Getting into the event industry is VERY difficult, which is why starting my own business is a lengthy journey. In the meantime I found myself a nice steady income at a job I could stand while I waited for the opportune time to begin searching for positions in the far reaches of the event industry.

Well – I didn’t have to wait as long as I thought. A job opening literally fell in my lap and in just 3 weeks -that’s right 3 – I will begin working for one of the top floral and event design companies in Miami – Parrish designs. While their work focuses on florals my new boss has encouraged me to continue doing my planning on the side. I am very excited about both endeavors. I will be one of three full time employees so my exposure to the events and business operations will be great. I hope it will prove to be a fantastic learning experience for me!

Ironically enough, as I was celebrating my new change (to think one year ago this time I was still waiting tables. ug), and dreading my resignation, I also had an epiphany. A lightbulb came on as I was driving home from work one evening and the name for my planning company just hit me. I will keep it a secret for now because I want to play around with some logos and what not before I present it to the world – but I’m pretty freakin stoked about it.

And – on top of all of that – I got confirmation from the professional photographer who did the wedding way back in July (yea that one that I’m sure you thought I forgot about) and the photos are on their way! Note to self – take my own photos at events to hold off my anticipation while I wait for professionals.

Needless to say it has been an interesting and busy week. Obviously I have had a lot on my mind – thus my absence from the blog, but I’m back and kickin so i’m going to try to be as active as possible from here on out. With that said – if you are a regular reader – pass it on, I would like to get some more followers