If we can make it here…we’ll make it anywhere.

I heard an interesting statistic on the radio today:

659 marriage licenses were issued on Sunday in New York. That same day 484 couples were married in New York. Why is this important? Because these are the stats following the vote to legalize gay marriage in the state. These numbers are pretty impressive, and it makes me happy. This article throws a few more equally amazing ones out there:

By The Numbers


On a similar note, I had a close friend tell me today that they wish I can help plan their same sex ceremony. I just hope I get the chance! Now, if the rest of the country could just get on board….

(and yes I realize this is a touchy subject for most and that I personally am a supporter, but please, no matter your opinion… no hateful comments – only love!)



A rose by any other name…

One of the biggest headaches (for some) involving a wedding and marriage in general is the paperwork associated after the fact. Social Security, Drivers License, payroll, medical papers, etc etc. Well fear no more!

I stumbled across this company today and I am intrigued..

Miss now Mrs

For a small fee and site membership, this company offers to do all of the leg work for you, completing the necessary paperwork associated with legally changing your name. While I couldn’t do very extensive research on the site (As I am not changing my name anytime soon, making an account to see the in-and-outs is not possible), they seem pretty legit. Not only are they BBB affiliated and members of numerous wedding professionals associations, they have also gotten a lot of press.

For $30 bucks I would say it is well worth it.

And on a totally different note – the professional photos from the Ospina-Rivera wedding are en route to my mailbox, I am excited to see them as well as share the beautiful work of Sakura Photo with my readers (whichever readers exist that is 🙂 )

Also, I promise for a more exciting post tomorrow.